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Following on from the first game, color is still missing from the world, sucking vibrancy out of its inhabitants. Except color isn't just missing, it is being stolen, used for unknown 'sinister purposes' by a shadowy organisation.

Your efforts to return color are dogged by its agents, determined to prevent you.

Currently just a short preview of what is to come, if you played the first game things will be very familiar. It has the same minimalist look and feel, plays the same, and in a nice touch you can choose to move through the environment with the WASD keys or by point and click. You can also map keys to suit you, something I always appreciate. A range of thoughtful puzzles are what it's all about, as well as thinking quickly enough to avoid the agents. I encountered two of them, the first very early and the second right before the end. Either you will escape or have to try again.

Hotspots, cursors and a small number of inventory items will assist you. Explore the world with the mouse, generate the inventory ribbon by keyboard or right-click or however you might have set it up. There is fiddling and poking about with mechanisms, working out what to do and how to do it. It isn't too difficult, but certainly requires some grey matter.

Obtaining one item eluded me, so the built-in hint system was welcomed, although I am still not sure how that puzzle works! There is no dialogue so far, spoken or read; there is some ambient sound and a score, and you can save at will. I can't tell yet whether the larger story will matter to me or not, but will be back to find out.

Once again, weeds are my life!