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I am about an hour into this point-and-click biff-em-up hybrid, and while I expect to dip in and out and so won't get to the end anytime soon, there is plenty of colourful cartoony adventuring mayhem to be had.

You play Brok, an investigator alligator and ex-boxer somewhat reminiscent of Wally from my child-ish years (except for the punching). You also apparently get to play as Graff, the son of his deceased wife whom we 'meet' in an early dream, but as yet I have engaged with but not been Graff. I have though biffed a bunch of things, escaped from a burning building, and dodged some laser grids in a type of mini-game in order to break into another.

As the Steam page says, the game takes place in "a futuristic 'light cyberpunk' world where animals have replaced humans, privileged citizens live under a protective dome from the ambient air pollution while others struggle to make a living on the outside". Exactly the sort of place where brains and brawn will stand you in good stead.

The point and click aspects will be familiar. A cursor enables you to move Grok around his third person world and interact with numerous objects and characters. It will either be look, take or talk, depending on the hotspot. The space bar highlights all the things you can interact with. Find things, talk to people, fiddle with stuff. Interrogate the inventory, examine items, review phone calls and messages, combine things, consume things.

And if all else fails, hit something.

The brawling elements might also be familiar. Like Brok, things you fight or just wallop have health bars when you enter action mode, so you can monitor how any pugilistic endeavour is going. Win to choose power ups and get rewards, find items to boost various combat aspects, block and punch and use special moves and wield weapons. Lose and it's game over but you get to try again. Level up to beat bosses and enemies.

Or choose the skip button and avoid it all.

If you play the relaxed mode, you get a button which enables you to skip fights. You can still do them, but the click the button and avoid option is there. It also offered me the option to skip the laser beam puzzle. A nice touch I have to say.

Again, referring to the Steam page there are multiple endings, times when you can switch at will between the playable characters, choices that impact the story line and puzzles that can be solved with your brain or your brawn. Plus 15 hours or so of playing time.

To date it's well voiced, musically accompanied, and while there is not a lot of background movement in many scenes, the detail and the cartoon aesthetic serves things well.

I look forward to more time with Brok.

Gardens put to bed for the winter. Time for some gaming!