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Set in the '80s and with self-proclaimed throwbacks and references to cult classics such as The Goonies and The Lost Boys, this is another 2D pixel art point and click adventure. I am about 60 minutes in and while there is a YA vibe that isn't really for me, there is plenty of adventuring to do, and an abundance of 80s influences and references to experience.

Looking to get free cable in order to watch adult television, Vinny, Nick and Tony instead receive what might be a distress call that might have something to do with that shooting star type phenomenon that might or might not be a space ship that just crashed in the woods. There is only one way to know for sure, so off they go to check it out.

All three travel as a pack, at least they have so far, and it's a point of difference with many other games. You don't choose who you are playing, rather they just all go where you click. Having companions along with their insights and comments makes it a tad more of a shared experience, and I am rather enjoying that aspect.

Apparently "every decision you make matters – sometimes resolving a problem can be done with some sweet words instead of striking fists! Your choices will affect the relationship with your friends and determine how the story ends." That isn't apparent in what I have played to date, but it promises another element to the mix.

It's third person point and click, double click to move a bit more quickly. Conundrums to date have been inventory based, and so far are reasonably (not entirely) logical. Hotspots can be revealed by utilising the little space-invader icon top right, and three action icons will pop-up in response to the curser interacting with a hotspot. These will usually be look, talk and touch, but while the icon won't change, what it might do can, sometimes in surprising ways. In that regard it's always a good idea to check what each icon says it might do at any particular spot.

I am enjoying the look, and while one bit of dialogue was a bit dodgy (however of its time it might be said to be) it hasn't been repeated. The soundtrack has been good to excellent, the voice acting more varied but generally on the positive end of the spectrum. Inventory is bottom left, and the game autosaves on exit (there is no manual save).

Once again, weeds are my life!