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Based on what I have experienced to date, this is an intriguing outing.

As the Steam page says, Homebody is a game where you catch up with old friends and try not to get murdered. Such a simple description, yet it belies a more complicated endeavour.

Emily is agoraphobic, but has managed to force herself to gather with college friends at a remote rental house to watch the Perseid meteor shower. She hasn't seen them for nearly a year, so a degree of awkwardness is apparent. That the front door seemingly can't be opened is a whole other thing.

She chats and explores and then the power goes out. And then she gets killed. And then things start again.

It was a bit of a "what the" moment, but having moved on and been killed again and started again, it is clear that time loops, and what Emily learns in one loop she takes with her to the next. So if she has solved a puzzle, she will know how to do it again in a far more timely manner, and might therefore make further progress before being killed once more. Time passes, as shown top right, and so far some things happen at the same time. Which can help in your strategy for moving on.

You can wasd to get about or point and click. The game plays in the third person, is nicely animated in a retro-Sims sort of way, and exclusively saves automatically. There is no spoken word but there is plenty of sound.

I am about 70 minutes in and feel like I am making good progress. Live, die, repeat, just like the movie Edge of Tomorrow if you have seen that. Fittingly, I have seen it quite a few times, and to date this game promises to be as much fun.

Gardens put to bed for the winter. Time for some gaming!