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I am about 80 minutes in and to date this has all those things you like (and maybe don't like) about Amnesia games.

You start in a WW1 trench, and make your way to the titular bunker. I am currently involved in its exploration, navigating the dark and hearing and recently avoiding a malevolent being that I have seen dismantle a soldier earlier on.

I have thrown things, shot at things, smashed things, exploded things, moved lots of things, and found plenty of other things. Numerous items can be picked up, less of them kept, assuming you have room in your inventory. A chest I found enables me to store stuff, and a kit bag I found has expanded my inventory. Clearly this aspect will be key as I move on.

Darkness needs to be banished, and a generator can be started and kept fed with fuel, provided you have found enough. It is a constant management issue. Levers throughout the bunker will switch on lights as you go so look for those. A hand charged flashlight will help as needs be, which for me has been a lot as the fuel ran out and things went dark.

The opening sequences act as a tutorial, a welcome one giving the somewhat fussy interface involved. I doubt I would have worked out how to do some stuff without it.
You save by lighting certain lamps and so far I have found only one. There is no autosave, so I have backtracked a fair bit to ensure my progress isn't lost through an untimely death.

It creates the foreboding creepy feeling really well, looks and sounds great, and plays in the third person. A combination of mouse and keyboard is used, and mimicking actions of previous games (e.g., pull the mouse backwards to open a drawer) is utilised.

I am settling into the interface as I go, and looking forward to what is to come.

Gardens put to bed for the winter. Time for some gaming!