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This is a demo that will give you about an hour of hand-drawn point and click adventuring, with the promise of 12 hours to come.

As the Steam page says, "You are Aurora, the youngest inhabitant of the Cave. Raised by intelligent machines in a hidden world of technological wonders, a group of kids spend their days preparing for the mysterious “Pilgrimage,” each guided by an equally mysterious Voice. As the only child without a Voice to guide her, Aurora must challenge the rigid society of the Cave to gain the title of Pilgrim and embark on an adventure to answer the unsolved question of her origins."

You get a sense of this through the demo, but the more detailed aspects of the mythology awaits. This hour will see you engaged in a game of hide-and-seek, looking for the other children across a small number of locations. Find a few items, solve some mild conundrums (not 'devilish' as claimed but perhaps they are to come), and Aurora will thank you and looks forward to seeing you again.

It's bright and breezy, in just about every way. There is a suitably childlike feel to the aesthetic, and the voice acting keeps up its end of the bargain. I turned the musical accompaniment down low as I tend to do, and you can tweak a few other settings to suit you. Save at will or let it autosave for you, and point and click your way around.

You can't highlight hotspots but they were generous in size so exploring with your mouse should readily suffice. You might be able to look, talk or take/use at each, choosing the relevant icon in the action wheel that pops up. The inventory ribbon will appear when you move the mouse to the bottom of the screen, and you can examine items or click to use them in the game world. It's all very straightforward.

It's a nice intro, and I look forward to the rest.

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