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The latest ghost hunting adventure from the makers, this one is based on a true story, and features an actual haunted location which has been investigated by the developers over many years. It's an opportunity to see what an actual ghost hunt looks and feels like.

It's a game of gadgets, at least so far, used to locate different sorts of phenomena. Having arrived at the location, a little base line test will help you settle in, and then off you go on your solo investigation. Based on what I have played so far, your goal is to identify three phenomena in three locations and submit that through your map. If you are correct (right phenomenon and the right location) the events move on; if you get two out of three you can choose to move on or keep searching. Less than that though is a fail and you need to keep hunting. If you do move on, a piece of the story will likely become available, time will pass (it will be the night or the next day) and three more phenomena need to be found.

I mentioned the gadgets and there is quite an array. I have an EMF Meter, a Ghost Box (a re-engineered radio scanner), a night vision camcorder and a thermal imaging tool, plus a far more mundane torch and my mobile phone. The first four are the main ones (so far) and they do different things, and it will be necessary to utilise them all and in each location. I tend to explore with one, and then do it again with the next and so on, but how you hunt will be up to you. Click to open the gadget bar, choose your gadget and have at it. You have to click and choose it again to put it away, or you can swap to another, which is a little clumsy but given you will likely have one in your hand a lot of the time it's not too big a deal.

I do recommend having a read through the item 'manual' which is the icon bottom left of screen when you right click. It contains useful information that will help you use them. Ditto the 'ghost' information, which is the icon bottom right. Not only will it help you identify exactly what each of the 16 possible phenomena are, it can usefully cross reference to information relevant to one or more gadgets.

To date I am in a house with about 6 areas available plus the outside yard. When you pull up the map, you will see that some areas of the house are still to be unlocked, and that the option to map an identified phenomenon includes a whole area (e.g., the ground floor) as well as the individual rooms involved. I found out early on via some feedback from one of my submitted investigations that if the phenomenon is present in e.g., the whole ground floor, identifying it in one of the ground floor rooms isn't good enough. This encourages thorough hunting.

As well as your gadgets you have a laptop in the kitchen hooked up to an array of cameras and the phone keeps you in touch with the people back at paranormal headquarters. To date it has only worked one way (they ring me). It will also ring strangely at certain times and can be used to take pictures.

I have collected some items, been sent some information and found some disturbing bits and pieces. Clicking on the little gear hotspot caused the only inventory item I have found so far to work. It's all point and click, using point to point images, and hotspots will activate a small array of icons (hand, magnifying glass etc.) as the case may be. Save at will.

I confess I am finding it a little repetitive to date and could do with less ghost hunting (kudos to the makers though for two out of three being a thing) but that probably says more about me. If you like the idea of a meticulous bit of paranormal investigation, 6 Dread Pit Road awaits you.

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