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If platforming is your thing, this ramble across the Scottish Highlands might be worth checking out.

Moira is running away to her Uncle Hamish who works in a lighthouse on the coast. A surprise awaits if she can get there in time for Beltane, and only the hills and peaks of Scotland and seven days stand in her way.

It's a rambling, scrambling, climbing piece of side scrolling exploration, although the various layers within the game provide a depth beyond simply going left or right. Let me try and explain.

Within that left/right plane, you might be running along a forest path, happy to see where it takes you, whereas a jump might mean you have now accessed a trail going up the hillside. You might well progress further in the same way, climbing up and down as you go within whatever trail you are currently on.

You might also pass by certain highlighted points where, should you pause as opposed to running on by, you have the capacity to access the trail/peak/etc., behind the one you are on. Press enter and you will cross over to a whole different set of trails, or caverns or whatever. Think of it as having made your way to a different ridge line.

It all works well to create an environment well beyond the 2D one that immediately presents itself.

That same environment is an attractive water-coloured one, and while I haven't run into any fellow ramblers yet, I have been led a merry chase by a deer. This came along with a suitably Scottish piece of music to which I jumped rhythmically when urged to do so. It seemed a little strange at first but fits with the notion of a highland song. Near as I can tell, the more in time to the rhythm you can remain the further Moira can run, making it a way to perhaps make up for lost time (you only have those seven days remember).

Climbing and traipsing doesn't come without a cost, namely depleting health/stamina, which takes a further hit if you fall. Resting can restore it, although the climactic conditions might interfere with that, and you need to sleep at night, preferably someplace sheltered lest your stamina suffer.

Things you can find as you go might lead you to other pathways or places, and ascending peaks is a good way of keeping track of where you are and where you might go next (it gets colder though which along with a hard climb affects stamina). Finding map pieces might enable you to identify a next peak or area and mark it to assist your navigation. It is an aspect I am still mastering, lost as I currently am!

A narrative weaves its way through your perambulations, and Scottish lore features. Memories and other rememberings will help flesh out Moira's story, and a scrapbook keeps track of the various bits and pieces of the game.

The game uses the keyboard only, and by default you use the use the arrow keys rather than the WASD keys, but you can remap through the menu. The game saves on exiting and you just continue.

As I said, I think I am lost, and Beltane seems more than the rest of my gaming days away. I don't know how that will play out but am keen to find out, and to learn more about how this rather charming platformer ticks.

Once again, weeds are my life!