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Posted By: wicknext

Myst V - 04/14/08 09:57 PM

I am in TAGHIRA. I have met and spoken to Esher several times, turned all six hut switch levers to the right. I stand in the exact position over the lake in the Bert Jamin Walkthrough and draw the figure on the slate. When I drop it, a Bahro will pick the glowing blue slate up. But when I go to the heating pipe, the levers are not up and functional and there is no steam visible. I have tried this many times, including picking up the glowing blue slate myself and approaching the heating pipe stations with it as suggested in one of the other walkthroughs, but nothing happens. How do I get the switches for the pipes under the lake to active and move?

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Re: Myst V - 04/14/08 10:04 PM

Wicknext we'll have to wait for a vet of this game to help you.

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Re: Myst V - 04/14/08 10:25 PM

Thanks Sue - I'll wait to hear something.

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Re: Myst V - 04/14/08 10:35 PM

Originally Posted By: wicknext
I am in TAGHIRA. I have met and spoken to Esher several times, turned all six hut switch levers to the right.

Wicknext, you don't turn all of the switches to the right--instead, follow these directions:
Click to reveal..
In the case of the red switches set them to (from left to right): left position, right position and left position. For the blue, set the switches (left to right) like so: right position, left position, left position.

Also,I think you have to use the slate to get heat from the Bahro before the switches will turn. If you don't have time to set both the red and blue switches with one episode of heat, just use the slate to get more heat to set the other switches... luck
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Re: Myst V - 04/14/08 10:37 PM

If the levers are not up then it means you haven't turned on all the thermal generators. Drop the slate and wait for the Bahro to heat things up. Look at each one and make sure steam is coming out the top. If it isn't then flip the lever on the thermal generator. When steam is coming out of all six then you can go to the lake and drop the slate again. This time the levers should be raised and you can set them according to the picture in the central tower or use the instructions in the walkthrough
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Re: Myst V - 04/15/08 05:05 AM

Lots of advice, so I don't want to confuse you Wicknext. smile

MY slant on this, from your description, is that the Bahro is not recognizing the symbol for heat from your sketch on the slate. If he had, those valves would pop up and be adjustable. Double check that all of the levers are set on the huts.

Sometimes it takes several tries. All I can suggest is to keep trying to match the symbol. When the valves pop up, you'll know you have it right, and will have a little shortcut on the slate so you won't have to draw it again (Yay!).

Let us know how you do.

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Re: Myst V - 04/15/08 05:36 AM

Thanks for the help, fisicx and Dadguy...wave
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Re: Myst V - 04/15/08 11:12 AM

Thanks Jenny, fisicx and Dadguy. I will redraw the symbol later today and try again later today.

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Re: Myst V - 04/16/08 02:10 PM

Dadguy is correct. It is the shape of the heat drawing. I am still having difficulty getting timed out before I have moved the blue and red levers, but I will keep trying when I have some time to focus on it.

Thanks again for the help,

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Re: Myst V - 04/16/08 10:01 PM

I'm glad that you've discovered what the problem was, Wicknext--luck in getting those levers set!!

You do know that you don't have to set the red and blue levers both at the same time, don't you? If the time runs out before you're finished, just use the slate to bring up more heat and finish with the other colored levers...wave
Posted By: dadguy

Re: Myst V - 04/17/08 01:39 AM

Right! And since you have correctly drawn the symbol now, you'll have a little shortcut in the lower left (I think) of the slate that you can click on to have it drawn for you correctly as often as needed.

Well done!

Also, there is an anomaly on the setting of the blue and red valve levers. I explained it below from an old post. You would be wise to read it carefully and try to understand what I am saying... it will make this task easier. smile

"These valves are funny.

Yes, I found that if you try to click and drag at the top of the valve lever, it is hard to move it.

Instead, I clicked and dragged by grabbing the bottom of the round part of the valve, BUT it doesn't drag the way you'd expect. If you want to turn the valve lever to the LEFT, you grab the bottom and drag it LEFT (you would expect to have to drag it right, but it works opposite of what you expect).

Also, I had to click and drag it twice to get it all the way to the LEFT (i.e., the first drag brought it to center, then I released and dragged it a second time from center to LEFT)."

Good luck!

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Re: Myst V - 04/17/08 03:13 AM

Great help as always!! bravo

Thanks, Dadguy...wave
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