Amarhys Demo help

Posted By: Geo

Amarhys Demo help - 11/29/11 11:41 AM

Found pole but is too short to reach flag. Do not see any other hot spots.
Posted By: kjos

Re: Amarhys Demo help - 11/29/11 11:59 AM

Geo,you have to find a rope. I don't remember where I found it sorry.
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Re: Amarhys Demo help - 11/29/11 12:10 PM


Click to reveal..
at the entrance-way to the building with the flag waving from the roof, there is a nail with a rope hanging from it.
Dont want to give a spoiler as to the exact location
Posted By: dadguy

Re: Amarhys Demo help - 11/29/11 02:08 PM

May I suggest that you place your hints in "spoiler" tags if you post them here. :-)


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Re: Amarhys Demo help - 11/29/11 03:01 PM

Moved this to Hints....

Ana wave
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Re: Amarhys Demo help - 11/29/11 03:44 PM

Thanks, dadguy and Ana.
Posted By: kjos

Re: Amarhys Demo help - 11/29/11 04:48 PM

Just wondering if you need a spoiler tag if you give out hints in the hints section.
Posted By: dadguy

Re: Amarhys Demo help - 11/29/11 06:21 PM

Here are a few hints for the Amarhyst demo. This is a rather short demo, but it is fun to try to solve without the helpers/spoilers


1st, the Goal: Since this is the second version of the game demo, the developer decided to make the goal to be to find a "portal" to the OLD version of the demo. There is some mention of this in the Demo Download page. When you get there, you'll be able to explore a little and see how the graphics have improved. You'll also get to see a little more of the area.


1. Can we get to the larger building in the demo?

Click to reveal..
Not in the new version. Once you find the portal to the old version, you can explore there a bit.

2. How do I open the door to the hut?

(gentle hint)
Click to reveal..
There are objects to be gathered in order to solve this puzzle.

(if you need more...)
Click to reveal..
You will need to combine two items to create a new item (read HELP topics under Options for instructions).

(still need more?)
Click to reveal..
You need to retrieve an object that is currently out of reach (by combining two items in inventory).

(partial spoiler)
Click to reveal..
Combine the long pole with the rope that hangs on a nail on a post near the larger hut. Use the pole/rope to retrieve the cloth hanging on a nearby tree.

(complete spoiler)
Click to reveal..
Slide the cloth under the door. Retrieve the nail that the rope was hanging on and use it to pop the key (which is in the lock on the other side) so that it falls to the ground and lands on the cloth. Retrieve the cloth and key. Use key on door.

3. How do you activate machine in the hut?

Click to reveal..
A clue is in the description of the demo on the Download page.

(more info)
Click to reveal..
Make sure that you have increased the brightness setting so that you don't miss any "actionable" items in the hut.

(partial spoiler)
Click to reveal..
We need power connected to the Portal machine before it will work. And we need to know what date we are linking to.

(complete total spoiler)
Click to reveal..
You must pull the chain to turn off WindMill and then turn the wheel a final time to engage the Portal to Windmill power. Pull chain to restart Windmill. The original demo was created in 2004, 7 years ago; so enter the number and pull the lever. Note: The number device doesn't give feedback that you entered the right date until power is established.


Posted By: Rushes

Re: Amarhys Demo help - 11/29/11 08:18 PM

Thanks, Dadguy. Lots of great hints there. smile
Posted By: Upsydaisy

Re: Amarhys Demo help - 11/29/11 08:41 PM

I'm wondering if the water will move in the completed game, makes it all the more real for me. Lovely demo !! bravo
Posted By: Tally Ho

Re: Amarhys Demo help - 11/30/11 12:27 PM

Nobody else seems to have a problem -

I installed the game but it crashes on startup.
Posted By: Geo

Re: Amarhys Demo help - 11/30/11 08:22 PM

Went through portal and am just wandering around new portion of pier. Is there anything else to do or is that it?
Posted By: Winfrey

Re: Amarhys Demo help - 12/01/11 09:48 PM

I have the portal going but it says it does not know whats on the other side and wont let me enter???
Posted By: Chief

Re: Amarhys Demo help - 12/01/11 11:21 PM

Winfrey, you will have to enter the proper year to see an image on the portal and then go through. Read Dadguy's last spoiler just above to get a good clue. penguin

Chief wave

Edit: Geo, when you get through the portal, the only thing that can be done is to look around and visit a bit. Nothing more.
Posted By: The Haze

Re: Amarhys Demo help - 12/15/11 01:04 PM

Hey Geo, I need help. I got the portal fired up, but the two numbers I tried (1124, 2004) didn't make anything visible and I still can't go through it. What did I miss?
Posted By: Chief

Re: Amarhys Demo help - 12/15/11 02:49 PM

The Haze, after entering the hut, did you in this order: pull the chain, turn the wheel 3x and pull the chain again?

The year 2004 is correct and do not forget to pull the lever.

Chief wave12
Posted By: Rushes

Re: Amarhys Demo help - 12/15/11 03:09 PM

Thanks, Chief.
Posted By: The Haze

Re: Amarhys Demo help - 12/16/11 01:47 PM

Thanks Chief and others; I had it, but had lined the numbers up at the top not the middle. Another "Smack myself in the forehead" moment. I was quite impressed with the demo. If the game is ever published, I'll buy it.
Posted By: Chief

Re: Amarhys Demo help - 12/16/11 01:54 PM

Great that you got to the portal. santadance

I liked the demo and will be buying the game also. happydance12

Chief wave12
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