Dark Secrets--Crank

Posted By: tomco

Dark Secrets--Crank - 03/18/12 10:03 PM

Greetings--I keep using the crank but no door opens so I can find the room with the candles. Need small hint.

Posted By: chrissie

Re: Dark Secrets--Crank - 03/18/12 10:49 PM

Hi Tomco - sounds like you're in the prologue? If you click on the crank the metal gate opens but the crank slips when you walk away closing it again. After clicking on the crank you need to use something you've already got in your inventory! Hope that helps! smile
Posted By: tomco

Re: Dark Secrets--Crank - 03/18/12 11:44 PM

Hi Chrissie-Tks for the hint.

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