ND Sea of Darkness Elisabet's song

Posted By: meryl

ND Sea of Darkness Elisabet's song - 10/23/15 12:37 PM

Boy, am I finding these puzzles difficult but I'm enjoying the game very much.

I don't seem to have the notes for Elisabet's song. I went back to my save when she tells Nancy all about the song but she didn't give Nancy any music like it says in the walkthrough. Can't be a glitch, surely.

I seem to have done everything up to this point and beyond if not in the same order as the walkthrough with the exception that I did no chores in the kitchen as i didn't think it necessary.

Any ideas?

Edit. I'm on master level. When I open the music box there's music in there and it plays a tune. Is that the music that I'm supposed to do with the tines?
Posted By: MaG

Re: ND Sea of Darkness Elisabet's song - 10/23/15 03:00 PM

Did you hear Elisabet sing?

Have you opened the closet beside where Elisabet sits?

Click to reveal..

Go back to the ship and Nancy decides to find out what is in the closet beside Elisabet.

Open the closet even though Elisabet stops you. Out comes Tumi, Magnus' dog.

She took Tumi during the festival so that Magnus will look for the dog and also Elisabet.

She gives the sheet music of the family's love song to the treasure.
Posted By: meryl

Re: ND Sea of Darkness Elisabet's song - 10/23/15 03:32 PM

I'm sorry MaG.
My brain is furring up. I must have been given the music. going back I see that I had it in inventory after the sequence you describe and it is the same as that which is now in the music box. I don't remember putting it in the music box manually. I expect it jumped in there when i opened the box if you see what i mean.

I always get confused when that sort of thing happens. What a ninny!
Posted By: MaG

Re: ND Sea of Darkness Elisabet's song - 10/23/15 03:54 PM

No problem. I have encountered those "events" myself. ghost
Enjoy the game.
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