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Safecracker - 05/22/17 04:04 AM

Hi Marian and MaG - I'm baack!! wave2

Started this game last night. Have solved 3 puzzles and opened one door. I have two puzzles to solve, both giving me trouble. One is (I guess) the slider puzzle. It says that I've seen a similar sketch or something but I have not. I may be able to get this puzzle once I know what it is supposed to look like. We'll see.

But for now, I really need some help on the word cypher puzzle in The Main Sitting Room. I am really not good at these. I've been trying some things but need help. I know there are hint/solution walkthroughs but IF there is some type of hint that can be given, you know I'd appreciate it. Once I start looking at the walkthrough, it's all over. yes

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Re: Safecracker - 05/22/17 04:13 AM

The recognizing nudge for me are the middle and rightmost squares of the bottom row.
They look familiar. Then I remembered where I saw those "parts" in a picture.

If you want the location of that sketch, I can be specific.
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Re: Safecracker - 05/22/17 04:32 AM

Looks like a dollar sign which I have been able to make moving the squares but didn't know where to place it or what to do with the rest of the squares. The only place I see a dollar sign is on the map (just paid attention to it now, even though I saw it before). Is that the sketch?

Is there anything you can tell me about the word puzzle?

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Re: Safecracker - 05/22/17 04:40 AM

Yes - that's the sketch. The main page has the sketch.

As for the word puzzle - the hint for that is taken after the slider puzzle is solved. Good luck.

It might help if you finish the museum first before you proceed.

Posted By: Marian

Re: Safecracker - 05/22/17 05:22 AM

Good luck on the game - let us know how you get on. wave
Posted By: oldbroad

Re: Safecracker - 05/22/17 05:25 AM

OK, thanks. Working on it but it's bed time. Work tomorrow after a nice week off. Can get the dollar sign but not the rest. I wish it did not reset on exiting the puzzle. A reset button would be better if you wanted to start over. I don't, but I'll have to.

There isn't anything else I can do in the museum (at this time) that I can see, other than this slider puzzle. I know the map shows three more red x's though.
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Re: Safecracker - 05/22/17 01:01 PM

Good luck on that dollar puzzle. Other puzzle will accessible after solving this one.
Posted By: oldbroad

Re: Safecracker - 05/24/17 09:20 PM

joy Whoo Hoo!! Not bragging or anything, but I got the slider and then the word cypher.

Ok, that being said, I'll probably be back soon looking for help. wave2
Posted By: MaG

Re: Safecracker - 05/24/17 09:54 PM

bravo bravo
Enjoy! I had fun on this game! yay penguin
Posted By: oldbroad

Re: Safecracker - 05/28/17 03:54 AM

I think I need your guidance again MaG.

On the 2nd floor west corridor, there is a door with red laser bars across it and a keypad for a 4 digit code. The panel opens to reveal green, blue, red, and yellow wires. If these wires are supposed to be giving me a clue, I'm not seeing it.

Other unsolved puzzles are: the workshop (blocked door), the winter garden (need an item), game room (need a card as well as a code), blue bedroom (need item), library (need item), loft (need item).

I have a small gold key and a triple key unused in my inventory.

I've already solved 3 of the puzzles by luck/trial and error. One of them I was still trying to figure out when it solved and I think I found the clue later; one was a 3 digit code that I just entered number until I got it - never found a clue, the other was the Polybius square. No idea what that is - just turned knobs until I got it right. I'd rather be solving them because I know what I'm doing but...
Posted By: MaG

Re: Safecracker - 05/28/17 04:17 AM

Laser door: Look at the individual wires. If you stare long enough - you'll see the clue. wink

Workshop: Is this a safe? There are 3 of them.

Winter garden: I think the item you need is in the snookers safe.

Game room: Open the yellow room and you will get the item and clue.

Blue bedroom: Get the item from violet bedroom.

Loft: There are 2 safes. You don't need items for them. Straight puzzles.

Gold key: Use it in Violet bedroom.

Triple keys: Collect all 4 of them.
Posted By: oldbroad

Re: Safecracker - 05/28/17 05:01 AM


I'll stare at the wires some more then. woozy Seems like this is the one I need to get to move along.

The workshop is a door.

Don't think I've gotten into any yellow or violet rooms yet.

The one puzzle in the loft seems to need a handle or something. I did the other one.

Thanks MaG. I will let you know how it goes.
Posted By: MaG

Re: Safecracker - 05/28/17 05:08 AM

One colored wire at a time. Maybe it will help if you draw-copy the wire.


Are you trying to enter the workshop? If so, you need items for the keypad.

Loft: One is a chess board and the other is made up of pipes. Which one?
Posted By: oldbroad

Re: Safecracker - 05/28/17 06:21 AM

Staring at the wires helped MaG. I did see the numbers. That got me into the yellow room.

I've been in the workshop and solved two puzzles. There is a door with letters on it that says "blocked" when I click anywhere on it. I'm sure I just haven't found something I need for it. I think a card.

I found the lever for the loft puzzle. It was in the puzzle in the game room. Is that what it is? A chess board? 6 squares by 6 squares. I believe I am supposed to press one square down per row and column with none of them in a row/column/diagonal with another. Can't get it tonight. Hopefully tomorrow.

Posted By: MaG

Re: Safecracker - 05/28/17 02:41 PM

Great on the wires. yay

Workshop: I think the card you need is the chip card taken from the Blue Bedroom puzzle.

Loft: This is the queen puzzle. Think queen movement on the chessboard.

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Re: Safecracker - 05/28/17 04:37 PM

Ha, ha, ha. Like I know anything about Chess.

I'll look at it a little later.

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Re: Safecracker - 05/28/17 09:49 PM

MaG - I used an excel spreadsheet to figure out the chess puzzle and then solved it in the game. I had done the same with the 15's puzzle (where you had to total 15 across, up/down, and diagonal) although that one was worse because you had to figure out how to move the numbers around once you knew them.

I am at the last puzzle in the secret room. I have not seen a clue. I went around the mansion a couple times again looking but not seeing anything. I have started entering numbers trying to hit it but with a four digit code this will take forever. It pains me to ask, where do I find the clue?

Posted By: Marian

Re: Safecracker - 05/28/17 10:13 PM

The clue(s) is found in 4 different rooms:

Click to reveal..
dressing room

Click to reveal..
yellow bathroom

Click to reveal..
east corridor bathroom

Click to reveal..
violet bathroom
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Re: Safecracker - 05/28/17 10:35 PM

Hi Marian wave

Thanks for the info. I hope these are not the 8's on the doors with some lines darkened. I have looked at them numerous times already also.

I will go take a look.
Posted By: Marian

Re: Safecracker - 05/28/17 10:47 PM

Sounds like they might be the ones. Good luck. smile
Posted By: oldbroad

Re: Safecracker - 05/28/17 11:07 PM

Yep, that was them. I had already drawn them but didn't really put them all together for a good study. I re-drew them and got it this time.

Thanks for your help Marian and MaG!

It was a fun game. ALMOST not too challenging for me lol

In Gremlin's review, he says he only spent a few hours on the game plus the time for the slider puzzle. What?? I spent 24 hours playing this!
Posted By: Marian

Re: Safecracker - 05/28/17 11:28 PM

You did great, as usual. Another adventure/puzzle game you have finished, with very little help. urock
Posted By: oldbroad

Re: Safecracker - 05/28/17 11:52 PM

Ah, but the little help makes all the difference in the world!

Posted By: MaG

Re: Safecracker - 05/29/17 01:34 AM

bravo oldbroad!
Posted By: blackbird

Re: Safecracker - 06/10/17 04:43 AM

Well done oldbroad. One of my favourite older games which I've played many times.
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