Tsioque help

Posted By: mbday630

Tsioque help - 11/07/18 09:07 PM

I just got this game today and I am already having trouble. There is a big monster in front of a door and he is throwing cats at me. I can use the up and down arrow to either jump them or duck but then he throws 3 cats at me and I don't know what to do. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Posted By: Marian

Re: Tsioque help - 11/07/18 09:22 PM

Being as this game was just released today, there isn't all that much help available and we will have to wait for someone here who is playing who might be able to advise you.

There is a Steam forum discussion for the game, but I don't see anything there that addresses your question. There are also some YouTube videos including a walkthrough here. It looks like only the first part of the walkthrough has been uploaded so far.

I also found this description of the game on Steam:

TSIOQUE is a brand new point & click adventure that features beautiful artwork and animations, nice story, and a playing style that differs from the standard casual point & click format. While it may still be considered casual to many, it has a lot of timed components and many fail states, so it is not going to be enjoyed by everyone.

If you are not fond of action sequences, you may not get along well with this game, unfortunately, being as it mentions timed components and fail states.
Posted By: mrbill

Re: Tsioque help - 11/10/18 04:52 PM

Look for a light switch and a spider. smile

Mr. Bill
Posted By: Marian

Re: Tsioque help - 11/10/18 07:16 PM

Thank you, Mr. Bill! smile
Posted By: dianne

Re: Tsioque help - 11/11/18 12:49 AM

Having trouble on the stairs cant seem to find the right rock to hang on to keep getting caught then its all dark cant see a thing. and you tube they just go to fast.nothing I do seems to work. any ideas how I can do this. thanks dianne smile
Posted By: Marian

Re: Tsioque help - 11/11/18 02:10 AM

Hopefully someone will be able to help you, dianne. smile
Posted By: mrbill

Re: Tsioque help - 11/11/18 05:34 PM

Hi Dianne,

Click to reveal..
Do you have the invisibility cloak? I am not yet playing the game. Guess I'll have to buy it. Rock is at junction where steps go up to left. She stays on left side of rock. I think spider helps her. Hard to tell for sure.

Posted By: dianne

Re: Tsioque help - 11/11/18 07:49 PM

yes I have the invisibility cloak not getting caught on that one its when I go up the stairs so I look for a rock at a junction where the steps go up to the left. guess that I have to use the gear icon and click on it then. thanks for the help much appreciated hope I get the right rock cause after that its real dark and all I see is feet. thanks again dianne
Posted By: dianne

Re: Tsioque help - 11/13/18 06:13 AM

Finally got it thank you Mr.BILL stairs solved also taken care of cats. I wonder is that spider really did help he was above the switch.Dianne wave2
Posted By: mrbill

Re: Tsioque help - 11/13/18 07:57 PM

Wonderful Dianne.

I think the spider helped her hang on that rock. Don't know for sure.

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