Thought Provoking Article on Adventure Games

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Thought Provoking Article on Adventure Games - 06/08/07 10:33 PM

There's an intriguing article that raises a lot of issues about adventure gaming here on Just Adventure. It's by Eric McConnell (member name: Ivinia).
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Re: Thought Provoking Article on Adventure Games - 06/08/07 10:51 PM

Thanks Becky.....Thanks Ivinia
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Re: Thought Provoking Article on Adventure Games - 06/09/07 12:53 AM

Interesting! Makes me feel guilty that I only lurk at JA although I did buy one game from them. I'm definitely guilty of being a hard-line third person gamer! I'm only playing Myst online now because I can be the avatar and also meet people there, otherwise, forget it. On the other hand, I might make an exception for Pieces of Eight.
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Re: Thought Provoking Article on Adventure Games - 06/09/07 03:59 AM

Hi smile

I'm afraid I plead "not guilty" to a lot of the blame being cast on the Adventure Game player's doorstep by this article whistle

In my opinion the bottom line is that if a game is good and decently packaged it will sell - whatever the price - and I for one will certainly be willing to buy it and try it thumbsup

My own point of contention is still .... what can "truthfully" be marketed as an Adventure game ?? .... grin


Mad wave
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Re: Thought Provoking Article on Adventure Games - 06/09/07 04:59 AM
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Re: Thought Provoking Article on Adventure Games - 06/09/07 08:14 AM

Thanks Becky for sharing. That was an excellent article.
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Re: Thought Provoking Article on Adventure Games - 06/09/07 03:54 PM

Hi Jenny100,
Oh yes, Pogo it is! The minute I read that line with "... the enemy is us" Pogo flashed into my mind! I remember that comic strip very well.
"Friday the 13th comes on a Wednesday (or whatever day it happens to be) this month" is one of my favorites. It still tickles me.
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Re: Thought Provoking Article on Adventure Games - 06/09/07 06:02 PM

Hi Jenny100 smile

Unfortunately I have never heard of this "Pogo !! woozy

Maybe I should investigate ....


Mad wave
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Re: Thought Provoking Article on Adventure Games - 06/09/07 06:23 PM

I agree with you Mad. And although I think people will have their preferences for first or third person perspective, the majority will buy the game regardless, if it's a good game. I don't think that in itself is the deal breaker. I am one of those that prefer third person games, but I certainly don't turn my nose up and refuse to play a good first person game - and there are many.
The writer laments that people wax nostalgic for games of the past. Perhaps because they had the depth and magic of a good story. But did those make much money either?
I don't think the adventure genre is dead, dying or otherwise incapacitated, especially with the amount of folks independently producing to optimize any profit. It's sad but true that the most profit is going to be in a bells and whistles shoot em up. That may be a reflection of the world today - but to lay the blame at the feet of the adventure fans is misplaced, I think(with utmost respect to Eric, who I usually agree with grin) .

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Re: Thought Provoking Article on Adventure Games - 06/09/07 07:30 PM

IMHO, a brief summary: if you pay peanuts for your games, you get monkey [blip] out of the system.

Haute cuisine costs mucho moola!

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Re: Thought Provoking Article on Adventure Games - 06/10/07 01:56 AM

Thanks Becky, for pointing the way to a good read with some thought provoking points.

I really don't have a preference for first or 3rd person. I like a good story and an intuitive interface.

I haven't bought an adventure game in a brick and mortar store in ages. I buy almost exclusively online because with a few exceptions, that's the only place I can find them.

I have to wonder if all the online sources take 55-60% of the game's price?

Still, it does indeed give gamers a lot to think about puppy
Posted By: Butcher

Re: Thought Provoking Article on Adventure Games - 06/10/07 12:49 PM

Definitely good food for thought in the article. I definitely agree with many parts of it but not all. The 1st/3rd person thing i wouldn't say it's black/white but there are various shades of grey in between. I prefer 3rd person AG with prerendered background graphics such as Syberia/Murder on the orient express/still life and so on but i also play 3D games and also 1st person. I believe this also applies to most gamers in general, although they might have a preference it doesn't mean they close their eyes to anything else.
Posted By: Jenna

Re: Thought Provoking Article on Adventure Games - 06/10/07 01:17 PM

Well, looking at the stacks and stacks of games sitting all over my desk, floor, shelves, and so on, I would have to say that I have done more than my part to support the genre over the years! Price does not really play a part in my decision to purchase a game because this is my only hobby. However, he made some very good points in the article and I have to admit that I don't think a lot of times about where I purchase my games (Amazon vs Herinteractive) but I will from now on. Good reading!
Posted By: Mary

Re: Thought Provoking Article on Adventure Games - 06/10/07 04:45 PM

Thanks Becky, for the link to the article.
Being someone who much prefers "first-person" games, I also play
"third-person" games. It all depends on the game. I don't agree with the article as far as adventure gamers being in two different camps, which don't get along with each other. At least I don't see that here. I've never read any comment here about how one or the other option should be done away with. And if someone ONLY plays one kind of game, well, that's their option. They probably will miss some VERY good games, but that's their decision.
I DO agree with the article when it comes to pricing. I've seen comments about how a game is too expensive, because it's $40. But the pricing probably is due to the extra care and content (including length of game), like the Myst games, Syberia, etc. For a while there, the Adventure Company was putting out games for $20 that were basically the same games, but with different character names. We were getting what we paid for. I've played many of those games. Will I go back and replay them? Probably not. But as long as I can afford to (and I know this is an issue for some), I would be willing to pay $40 for a high-quality, long game. Look what we're paying for gasoline, groceries, etc! Prices don't go down, or even stay stable, in this world. I guess I don't understand how PC games can not also rise in price. Only my two-cents here.
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Re: Thought Provoking Article on Adventure Games - 06/10/07 05:41 PM

RE: "Silent Majority...", these thoughts came to mind:
To the developers: First & foremost, do what you do best. If '1st-person' is your forte (or your passion), we'll probably love what you create. Ditto for '3rd'. Same goes for Environment... 2D, 3D... use what suits you. When the story's good, we'll dive right in to whatever environment you put it in, & use whatever interface you've chosen.

It's wonderful that you would try to cater to us based on polls asking for our prefs about 2D or 3D; about 1st or 3rd-person, music, etc., but I think if you put a game together entirely this way, the result might not reflect your original creative vision. I'd rather play the game that you're proud of having created --your work of art-- than to play a piecemeal, made-for-the-masses diluted version. Hmmm ... maybe listen to us about mazes, timed seqs, sliders, & keyboard-controls... sick ... but in general, we'll enjoy 1st & 3rd; 2D & 3D, etc... however you 'dish it up'. Oh, yeah.. having Options is good.. we like game options. grin
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