Rhiannon or Rhem 3??

Posted By: wysewomon

Rhiannon or Rhem 3?? - 03/25/09 09:14 PM

I finally have enough spare change to buy a "new" game--but only one. Rhiannon and Rhem 3 are at the top of my gaming list. So I'm asking opinions on which one to get. I realise they're very, very different games, which is why I wonder what my fellow Boomers think.

Thanks a lot

Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Rhiannon or Rhem 3?? - 03/25/09 10:55 PM

If you enjoyed the first two RHEM games and want something similar, then get RHEM 3.

If you want to know which I liked best, I don't really know. I liked them for different reasons. RHEM 3 has more logic-oriented and spacial orientation puzzles. Rhiannon has the better story and more inventory puzzles.
Posted By: Kaki's Sister

Re: Rhiannon or Rhem 3?? - 03/26/09 09:31 AM

I loved Rhem 3. I enjoyed wandering around in a most relaxing environment. I have all 3 Rhem games and 3 is like visiting an old friend.
I have Rhiannon but haven't played it yet.
Posted By: Drmojo

Re: Rhiannon or Rhem 3?? - 03/26/09 09:17 PM

I loved Rhiannon it was a Grrreat game thumbsup
good puzzles, good story line. I really
enjoyed the game a lot.

Doc puppy :spring:
Posted By: boomerang

Re: Rhiannon or Rhem 3?? - 03/26/09 09:37 PM

I agree with Jenny_100. The games are very different. I got lost too many times in Rhem 1 and stopped buying this series. Rhiannon is more to my taste, but ultimately it's your choice. I played the latter without needing hint or walkthrough so it's medium difficulty, inventory based puzzles.
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