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Conspiracy - 01/12/13 04:52 PM

Just curious; is there any love for this old game here at GB? I can't remember ever seeing it mentioned. If you have not heard of it, here is some information:

It can be best descried as a political thriller adventure game in the USSR before the collapse. As far as I recall, the difficulty was hellish at times but it had a very good story. It was also running on time, with meetings at specific times taking place, which meant you actually HAD to be at that time at a specific time or the game was lost. I think me and my friend filled up a notebook with notes when we played this.

And it also has Donald Sutherland.

So, anyone who has played it?
Posted By: gatorlaw

Re: Conspiracy - 01/12/13 05:22 PM

It's a great game. Spycraft and Conspiracy (russo) are two of my top 10 oldies but still good games.
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Re: Conspiracy - 01/12/13 05:26 PM

I actually haven't played Spycraft. I owned it once, but never got around to it, and then it disappeared. Is it as good? I've heard that it's FMV, and that kind of puts me off.
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Re: Conspiracy - 01/12/13 06:04 PM

I never bought it because at the time it was in stores I didn't realize it was an adventure game. I thought it was a strategy game.

Here's the Gatorlaw review

Here's a review by Gordon Aplin

If you want it, CDAccess still has the best price for it and you can buy either directly from them or through Amazon where CDAccess is a seller.

It is playable in DOSBox and there are tips for installing it here
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Re: Conspiracy - 01/12/13 06:31 PM

Thanks, Jenny. I will check them out. smile
Posted By: gatorlaw

Re: Conspiracy - 01/13/13 06:48 AM

Have to say, I am a fan of FMV (if well acted) and one advantage like the Tex games is that FMV games wear better than most over time. I have replayed Spycraft a few times since I first played it ... years back and it still intrigues.

So go for it smile If you liked Conspiracy you will definitely enjoy the story and reality based gameplay in Spycraft. If you prefer pure stand alone logic puzzles like in Myst based games - might not grab you. But if you like plot - logical based challenges at all - this is a great example to play.

And thanks, Jenny for the dos-box set up link for the game. Have to dust it off and give it another whirl, myself. smile
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