Anouncing Apparition - A Survival Horror Adventure

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Anouncing Apparition - A Survival Horror Adventure - 11/21/17 02:53 AM

Beware! The first trailer for Apparition has suddenly manifestedright behind you! Will you survive the dark secrets of the Devil’sTramping Ground?

View the video here.

Apparition will be released in Q2 of 2018. Players can already addit to their Steam wishlists:

Apparition is a first-person survival horror game, where the player’s goal is to document ghost activity in a haunted American forest – the Devil’s Tramping Ground in North Carolina. You can communicate with the dead using an Ouija board. This way the ghosts will be able to answer your questions. You will also be equipped with a video camera to further document paranormal activity. Every piece of evidence comes with extra points and the scores are then shown on the Global Player Board. The forest, in which the game takes place, is not only haunted by ghosts, it is also inhabited by animals.

The player becomes a paranormal activity researcher who roams a presumably haunted forest. During the night the player will fight for more evidence of paranormal presence and… for his own life. The forest is searched by demons, who may be dangerous once the researcher makes himself seen. The location is full of hidden letters written by those who visited the forest and had lived through the nightmare to tell the tale.

Set in the real-life, allegedly possessed location: Devil’s Tramping Ground in North Carolina
Interactive Ouija board that answers your questions
Different types of ghosts with surprising behaviors
Point system and global player leaderboard

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