“Illusion: A Tale of the Mind” Out Now!

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“Illusion: A Tale of the Mind” Out Now! - 06/07/18 04:33 PM

Venture into the darkness of a mind where reality and fiction are warped together in a twisted tale of charming sinisterness

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Ravenscourt and Frima Studio are delighted to announce that their new game Illusion: A Tale of the Mind is now exclusively available digitally for PC, PlayStation®4, and Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft.

Illusion is a puzzle adventure game set in the ambience of the early 1920’s Parisian cabaret.
Step into the shoes of a young girl named Emma and live her adventures as she is freeing the mind of her father from a mad men.

Embark on her journey through the mind’s-eye of her captors, living in a fractured world of old memories and festering wounds, that paradoxically reveals itself to be also a place of great beauty and intrigue.

Will you succumb to the illusion?

Developer's quote (Frima)
Countless hours went into Illusion to craft a singular playing experience. We reached for a unique, sinister yet heartbreaking story that would enthrall its audience. We are proud to let you into our creative minds and hope you will enjoy the experience as much as we do.

· A sinister and touching story
· Beauty and death melded via surrealist inspired art
· Breath-taking mind’s-eye levels
· Dark tale scarred by the Great War

· Taste the horror of war and fragility of life


Title: Illusion: A Tale of the Mind
Platforms: PC / PlayStation 4 / XBOX ONE
Genre: Puzzle Adventure
Players: Single Player
Developer: Frima Studios
Publisher: Ravenscourt
Age Rating: ESRB 10+, PEGI 7, USK 12+, COB-AU: PG, DJCTQ: 12+, CSRR 6
Release Date: Out Now!

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