Adventure games on console

Posted By: hamer

Adventure games on console - 11/19/18 11:00 PM

Hi I am debating getting an xbox. I had a ps3 years ago but the adventure games were far and few between on them. When i research these games for consoles i always see Uncharted as a good adventure game for consoles which is funny because I hardly think of that game as an adventure game it is more action based. I am just wondering if lately with the new consoles out if anyone prefers a specific console over the other for adventure games, and if anyone knows of a good list somewhere that tells all the adventure games for the certain consoles?
Thank you
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Adventure games on console - 11/20/18 12:54 AM

If you are looking for adventure games, there really aren't any good choices.
The original PSX had more adventure games than any other console has had since,
and most of those were console versions of PC games.

Wikipedia has a list of XBox One games

Wii games

Wii U games

PS4 games

PS3 games on disc

PS3 download games

If you check the games labeled as "adventure" most of those that mention "adventure" are not what you'd think of as adventure games and require some form of action and/or combat.

Stick with a PC unless you want some action in your games.
Posted By: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Adventure games on console - 11/20/18 12:57 AM

To be honest I get all the Press releases and the most common porting being done is Nintendo Switch. That is portable though.
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