Posted By: MaG

Martin - 02/18/05 02:35 PM

A personal and a GameBoomers thank you for joining us with your wit and giving us Adventure lovers a wonderful, great game.
Posted By: Becky

Re: Martin - 02/18/05 02:56 PM

I like that portrait!

Thanks for sharing your time and your game with us. And we're looking forward with anticipation to your future creative endeavors.
Posted By: tigger

Re: Martin - 02/18/05 02:58 PM

praise praise praise
Posted By: Tyke

Re: Martin - 02/18/05 02:58 PM

Thank You Martin, for all your time and effort and also for the fantastic game you have given us, all of which is much appreciated thanks

best wishes
Sue smile

P.S I liked MOTD, and enjoyed playing it laugh
Posted By: nickie

Re: Martin - 02/18/05 05:31 PM

Thanks so much Martin! It means so much when a developer believes in his game so much that he is willing to face the unwashed horde to talk about it. I loved your game, and can't wait to see your next endeavor. As soon as you can, drop by and tell us about it, ok? Pretty please? Is it about King Arthur?
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