Big Fish support is awesome!

Posted By: Darlene

Big Fish support is awesome! - 05/03/08 01:06 AM

wave Hello, all! I just wanted to give a big shout out to Big Fish support. My computer crashed big time and, after I finally got things cleaned up, I had some concerns about my Big Fish games. I e-mailed them my concerns and their response was quick, friendly and they resolved those concerns. Thank you, Big Fish! thanks
Posted By: Lei

Re: Big Fish support is awesome! - 05/03/08 02:26 AM

I wholeheartedly agree. I believe that Big Fish and Gamezebo are two of the most trusted and responsive sites for casual game players. And yes I did vote for Gamezebo for a Webby on the first day that voting was announced.

Both of these sites keep this Grandma happy.
Posted By: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Big Fish support is awesome! - 05/03/08 02:52 AM

It's great to hear Darlene. It's a huge selling point for me to know they stand behind the games with great service.

Ana wave
Posted By: owlluv

Re: Big Fish support is awesome! - 05/03/08 03:02 AM

Another awesome thing about BFG! I will never trade them for anything! Anything, I tell you!
Posted By: jldcat

Re: Big Fish support is awesome! - 05/03/08 01:22 PM

I can't get over the superior customer support either. It's almost heard of for regular stores let alone online ones!

I sent in a submission for the game "Alex Gordon" on Tuesday and Wednesday they emailed me to thank me for the submission and to give them about a week... The deffinately didn't have to do that as I'm sure they get A LOT of submissions for games.

I guess that's why I've bought over 50 games in less than a year!
Posted By: maggie57

Re: Big Fish support is awesome! - 05/04/08 03:59 AM


I am playing mystery solitare on Big Fish, I bought the game since I seem to be addicted, wonder who got me started on this, had to of been Nickie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rotfl rotfl
Anyway, great game. Also, my password I needed to change and the people who help are so great, wish other companies would take their line.

maggie wave
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