Cursed House

Posted By: Linds

Cursed House - 01/03/11 11:36 PM

I am playing Cursed House and am enjoying it so far.
I am up to Level 4.
Is there a timer anywhere? I can't find anything that looks like one.
Posted By: Marian

Re: Cursed House - 01/03/11 11:48 PM

My understanding is that with the first version released of this game, there was at least one level further on where time was limited. A lot of people complained, though, and the developers released a newer version (which I would assume is the one that you have) where there is a way to skip or retry levels. So, as long as you have the most recent version, you should be good to go. wave
Posted By: Linds

Re: Cursed House - 01/04/11 12:20 AM

Thanks. I bought it on Sunday so it is the newer version.
Posted By: Flo NS

Re: Cursed House - 01/04/11 02:28 AM

There is no timer. However, there are levels where you will have to play against the demons, such as get rid of certain things before they reach the top, or play against a demon, with these levels, if the demon wins, you can either replay that level or skip it. I always skip it and try to do better the next level, as there are about nine levels for each section.

I have played this game over and over again many times.
Posted By: Marian

Re: Cursed House - 01/04/11 02:47 AM

Thanks, Flo. It's nice that the developers made a newer version with the ability to skip or retry those levels. The demo I played was very enjoyable. smile
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