The Blacklist

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The Blacklist - 04/15/16 08:15 PM

I don't think they're fooling anybody. I don't like the character and wish was truly gone but I don't believe it.

People who watch that sort of thing, I don't, say there are always farewell tweets when a cast member leaves a show and none for The Blacklist.
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Re: The Blacklist - 04/15/16 08:18 PM

I haven't watched this one yet wave
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Re: The Blacklist - 04/15/16 08:29 PM

I hope I was vague enough, didn't spoil it.
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Re: The Blacklist - 04/15/16 08:59 PM

I think you are good wave
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Re: The Blacklist - 04/16/16 10:23 AM

I love this show. So much happened but I think I figured out what happened to you know who and she is not gone!
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Re: The Blacklist - 04/16/16 01:47 PM

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I think this is exactly what happened to her mother. She will let her daughter go with Tom hoping that they will think she is dead have the baby safe.... and she will finally be told what really happened to her mom and get to finally meet her.
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Re: The Blacklist - 04/16/16 06:22 PM

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She's pregnant in real life, so she's probably "dead" for as long as she takes leaves. When she's ready to return we'll find out who faked her death. I don't think its Red, that they did it to get her away from him.

The producers are trying to sell NBC a spinoff with Tom as the main character so something has to happen to make him leave Elizabeth.
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Re: The Blacklist - 04/16/16 08:31 PM

She'll be back, probably see a glimpse of her a minute before the season ends, then 2 or 3 episodes will go by in the new season with nothing. I think they like to tease us like that. I really wish they would tell us once & for all: is Red really her father or not.
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Re: The Blacklist - 04/17/16 04:19 AM

I've never believed he was. He said early on he wouldn't lie to her and he's told her more than once her father is dead. Same with her mother. Now he could be mistaken about either but I don't think so. We know Elizabeth's childhood memories were erased. I think by Red because I think Elizabeth when she was just a child shot her father and Red doesn't want her to remember that.
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Re: The Blacklist - 04/17/16 10:11 AM

Here's my theory. I don't think she's dead. I think Red's "cleaner" lady, when she went in to talk to Liz, gave her a way out by faking her death with a drug. Liz did not want Red involved with her child so this would be the only way out.
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Re: The Blacklist - 04/23/16 05:42 AM

Sad news. Megan Boone has signed on for another 3 years. I knew her character's demise was too good to be true. It was just away to give the pregnant in reality actress some time off. She had a daughter BTW. After having such a good actress this week how can they saddle Spader with Boone again?
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Re: The Blacklist - 04/23/16 10:30 AM

Maybe my theory is right!
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Re: The Blacklist - 05/20/16 07:22 PM

Had its season finale. And sadly
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Elizbeth Keen is alive and with a man who claims to be her father.
Tom's fate is unknown. May depend on whether NBC picks up his spinoff series or not.
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Re: The Blacklist - 05/21/16 10:41 AM

I got it right Liz is alive!
Posted By: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: The Blacklist - 05/11/17 02:19 PM

Season finale is coming up. The Blacklist future is unknown at this time. No announcement either way so far.
Posted By: Winfrey

Re: The Blacklist - 05/12/17 02:13 AM

I like this series and all the actors.
Posted By: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: The Blacklist - 05/12/17 04:05 AM

I posted too soon. The renewal announcement was today.

The spinoff Blacklist Redemption on the other hand is not expected to return.
Posted By: connie

Re: The Blacklist - 05/12/17 12:25 PM

I like the original, not so much the spin off.
Posted By: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: The Blacklist - 05/18/17 05:57 AM

If the finale claims Red is Elizabeth's father, I'm done. I wont care about the next season.
Posted By: Kaki's Sister

Re: The Blacklist - 05/19/17 10:06 AM

Watched the season finale last night. There is still more to be revealed! A suitcase with a "secret" and Liz's husband working for who at the end?
Posted By: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: The Blacklist - 05/20/17 12:39 AM

I DVRed. Haven't watched yet.
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Re: The Blacklist - 05/20/17 10:00 AM

Let me know what you think Guy. I didn't want to say much for fear I'd give something away.
Posted By: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: The Blacklist - 05/22/17 04:05 AM

I think its interesting who "Mr Kaplan's" associate was. But I also think
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that making Remmington her father is too simple, its lazy writing and boring. Now they're gonna drag things out with those bones to eventually reveal Raymond tortured her mother to death.
Posted By: Kaki's Sister

Re: The Blacklist - 05/22/17 09:43 AM

Guybrush I think there may be more to it then that - at least I hope so!
Posted By: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: The Blacklist - 10/08/17 04:00 AM

I didn't realize the new season was on until I went to watch Homicide Hunter and discovered DVR had also recorded two episodes of the Blacklist. I still two things he said are true: one from the very first episode: "Everything about me is a lie" and "You're father is dead". And I don't think he meant that in a Anakin Skywalker vs Darth Vader kind of way.

The craziest theory I've read is that Raymond told her the truth when he said he was not her father, that her father is dead. Because he's actually her mother, after a sex change operation. But wouldn't have Harold Cooper said the DNA proved that?

My theory is Raymond Reddington doesn't actually exist. This person is just using that name. Now whether its a totally fictional identity or whether there once was an actual Raymond Reddington who is now dead (thus his telling the FBI agent "Your father is dead"). I'm not certain. In the first episode he said "everything about me is a lie". So that means the story that Raymond Reddington is a former US Navy intelligence officer who went rogue, becoming a professional criminal is in fact not true.
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Re: The Blacklist - 11/16/17 03:05 AM

I don't like these short seasons. The Blacklist is now gone until 2018. I knew they wouldn't kill Elizabth Keen. Even though that would improve the show immensely. Don't know if I actually believe
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Tom is dead.
Conventiently keeps Red's secret a secret.
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: The Blacklist - 11/16/17 04:19 AM

I'm not a fan of the short seasons either. By the time the shows come back on, I've forgotten about them lol
Posted By: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: The Blacklist - 12/09/17 01:03 PM

Read an article on 14 shows likely to be canceled. I have never heard of 13 of them. The one I do know is The Blacklist. The article says ratings are down but the series could still go on because Netflix is paying $2 million an episode to stream it and that might be enough to keep it going.
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Re: The Blacklist - 06/11/18 12:54 AM

I finally wateched the season finale. And it ended just as expected. Raymond Reddington's big secret was obvious if you remember what he told Elizabeth Keen in the very first episode: "Everything about me is a lie"

The two reveals in the end were not a surprise to me at all.
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First off I knew she faked her own kidnapping to fool Riddington which is revealed in the final scene in which she is talking to her dead husband. It really takes her too long to get to the secret, which is Raymond Reddington is dead and has been for decades. The man who she believed to be Raymond Reddington, her father, is an imposter. Really she shoujld have known that as he told he the first time they met that everything about him was a lie and later in the first season when she first got the notion that he was her father he said "your father is dead". If she believed him it would have saved her a lot of suffering, including the murder of her husband. She blames this man for it,m but when it comes down to it its her fault. She told her husband this man had a secret and he went to looking for it and got himself killed, not by "Reddington" but someone else who was after the secret.

The series has been renewed.
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Re: The Blacklist - 06/11/18 04:39 PM

rotfl But first you would have had to remember what he said. I'm usually multitasking when watching tv, so between that and my hearing, I'm sure I'd be one of those that missed it. wavegirl
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Re: The Blacklist - 06/11/18 07:12 PM

For me the only mystery centers around Keen's grandfather. Why does "Red" keeps returning to his home? Why does the grandfather who clearly doesn't like him tolerates him and why didn't he tell Elizabeth when she found him that he's her grandfather? I just hope the answer isn't a fan theory posted on the Internet Movie Database before they shut down the forums, which is that this man is not her father because he's had a sex change and is actually her mother (who faked her suicide by drowning in the ocean).

Click to reveal..
I figured from the start that Raymond "Red" Reddington was an alias. I also think that despite his constantly referring to the US as "your country" or "your government" that he's in fact some kind of US government deep cover agent who is eliminating threats to the US.

I had forgotten, in an early season a flashback shows Elizabeth Keen as a child picking up a gun and firing it. I think she unintentionally killed her father and does not remember it. That is what Red is protecting her from.

Another more rational theory (over Red being a woman who had sex change) is that Red is Elizabeth's mother's brother, in other words her uncle which is why he cares.

Another similar theory is that Red is Elizabeth's father's twin brother, again her uncle.
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Re: The Blacklist - 11/27/18 02:34 AM

Season 6 is scheduled for January 4, 2018, I don't have any futher infomation not episode title or anything.
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Re: The Blacklist - 01/08/19 05:19 AM

DVR should have recorded first episode of the new season but it didn't only got second. Was able to bring up first episode on demand. I don't care for the direction its going in. I was quite surprised that they actually let Elizabeth
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realize that she was the one who killed her father, the "real" Raymond Reddington, by shooting him when she was a little girl. But then she still goes after the imposter egged on by her half sister.
I predict Elizabeth's half sister will be dead by the end of the season, if Red doesn't kill her Elizabeth will.

Anyway, I'm caught up now. Third episode Friday and DVR set to record it.
Posted By: Kaki's Sister

Re: The Blacklist - 01/08/19 10:19 AM

This show really keeps you guessing. There are so many possibility as to what the real relationship is between Liz and Red.
Posted By: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: The Blacklist - 01/08/19 08:15 PM

One fan theory when IMdb still had a forum and before transgenderism was a big thing. was that he is not her father because he is her mother after a sex change. Given the plastic surgeon episode I'm worried they may be going there even though it would violate series continuity since they already showed in a flash back that her mother drowned herself. A more reasonable explanation is he's her uncle, brother of either her mother or her father.

I've always thought he was a deep cover government agent. And all that "you're government" talk as if the US government wasn't his was a blind. Yes he murders people. But they are always criminals. Of course if he's her mothers brother that would make him Russian so the US government would not be his government. He could be an older brother or a cousin or no biological relationship at all.

She still doesn't know she's met her grandfather. She's not too bright to not work out that a man suspected of being a Russian agent might just be connected to her mother, the known Russian agent. I still don't know why he didn't identify himself to her. Or why he tolerates Red when its clear he despises him.

I'm also not convinced Tom is really dead. They left an opening by not showing a body. Yes the actor has a different show now, but if it fails they left a hole for him to crawl back through.
Posted By: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: The Blacklist - 02/19/19 07:03 PM

We may learn the truth about Reddington this week. If we can believe the trailer for the 2 hour special episode.
Posted By: looney4labs

Re: The Blacklist - 02/19/19 11:25 PM

Hope you get your answer, Guybrush. Trailers can be very deceiving luck
Posted By: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: The Blacklist - 02/20/19 04:21 PM

Yes its possible "Now you know the truth" could have nothing to do with the big secret. Or even if it does refer to the big secret it is always possible the character learns it without it being revealed to the viewer.
Posted By: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: The Blacklist - 02/24/19 07:18 AM

We learned a secret but not the secret. They're skipping a week, which is probably why they did two episodes. In the next episode Reddington plans a prison break.
In 1991 Elizabeth Keen's mother a KGB agent framed her father, Raymond Reddington for treason so he wouldnt't be believed when he tried to reveal that she was tied to an international crimminal organization. An audio recording of a telephone conversation proved Raymond Reddington was innocent of telling the KGB about a secret American submarine which the Russians sank, and the jury found him not guilty of treason. However the federal government has multiple charges of murder against him. We still do not know who this man is who has been impersonating Raymond Reddington or why he's doing it. Dembie discovered that Elizabeth and her half-sister paid a homeless woman $100 to phone the police about Reddington but he only told "Reddington" half the truth, that it was a homeless woman and she did not recognize Elizabetth's photo, he did not say it was Jennifer so now "Reddington" thinks he was wrong to suspect Elizabeth of betraying him, when in fact she did.
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Re: The Blacklist - 02/24/19 10:12 AM

Guybrush I watched the 2 hour show and I feel like we are going in circles. The question for me is why would anyone want to change his appearance to look like someone who is wanted for treason. I have a theory but we shall see maybe in 2 weeks!
Posted By: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: The Blacklist - 02/24/19 04:21 PM

Several seasons back when the Internet Movie database still had a forum some fans put forth a theory which back then i thought was absurd not now I think its possible the writers are actually going with it. The theory is that this Raymond Reddington is in fact Katarina Rostova after a sex change operation. I hope the people in charge of this show remember they have already shown Katarina Rostova drown herself in he ocean. To have her alive and turned into Raymond Reddington would mean they lied to the audience.
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Re: The Blacklist - 02/25/19 09:58 AM

Not my theory! Mine is more realistic. sherlock
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Re: The Blacklist - 02/25/19 03:41 PM

So what is your theory?
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Re: The Blacklist - 02/26/19 10:40 AM

My theory is Red was her real father and Liz shot him in the face. He had to have his face reconstructed and therefore his appearance has changed. Now this theory is good only if his DNA and fingerprints match the real Reddington.

My 2nd theory is that Liz shot Red and killed him when she was a child. Red was her real father but the man married to her mother changed his appearance and became the "new Red". He had raised Liz, loved her like his own daughter and probably thought she was his till that fateful night Liz shot Red. The bones may belong to the real Red.
Posted By: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: The Blacklist - 03/10/19 04:37 AM

I just watched this week's episode. Its only episode 10 of 22 this season so obviously they are not going to execute Red next week. My theory from the start of the trial was that he'd be convicted but fake his death somehow. Anyhow next week's episode is part 1 of a 2 parter.

Viewer numbers are way down from last season which actually did slightly better than the fourth season. Could this be the last season?
Posted By: Winfrey

Re: The Blacklist - 03/10/19 06:55 PM

Remember they faked Liz's death... they could do the same for him... get him out of the prison and bring him back to life.
Posted By: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: The Blacklist - 03/24/19 01:10 AM

I waited for 2 weeks so I could watch part 1 and part 2 without a week long wait. Glad I did, part 1 ends on a cliffhanger. Which isnt completly resolved until end of the second episode.

I'm shocked.
The president of the United States, a fictional character with black hair, is a traitor. As is the Assistant Attorney General and now she is supervising the Raymond Reddington Taskforce.
The Reddington taskforce knows there is a plot against the US and who at least one of the conspirators is but not what the plot is. The audience knows only slightly more, that there are at least 3 highly placed traitors. There's a line of dark humor. The FBI agent Harold Cooper who runs the taskforce and the Assistant Attorney General who is now his supervisor do not like each other at all. When he says he's actually happy to see her take the job she thinks he being sarcastic, he says he's being truthful "because the position has a high morality rate". Every person (mostly women) to have taken on the job has managed to get themselves killed.
Not the first time a woman or the AG has been a traitor who plotted against Raymond Reddington . if he doesn't kill her one of the other conspirators will most likely.
Posted By: judith

Re: The Blacklist - 03/24/19 02:49 PM

The Blacklist has been picked up for another season, so I think this is going to drag out into the new year as a big government conspiracy. On a side note, where's Elizabeth's half sister who started this whole brouhaha, will she be making another appearance? Every episode gives us more questions than answers.
Posted By: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: The Blacklist - 03/24/19 10:21 PM

I was surprised that the half sister just walked away. I thought they were setting her up to be the villain who would try to kill Reddington and Elizabeth would end up shooting her to save him. Instead she left and the writers gave us new villains. They could always bring her back. I wasn't convinced Tom Keen was dead, since we never saw a body, until the actor actually got his own show.

Now we know Reddington isn't going to be executed the big question is will Samar survive this season? If not what will Aram do? Update: someone on youtube claims Mozhan MarnĂ² is leaving for her own show so that is why Samar is brain damaged and probably doomed.

I didn't know it had been renewed again, thanks. for the info.

Oh next week being two hours (they just show one episode after the other) probably means no episodes the week after. That's what happened last time they did two episodes in one night.

Posted By: judith

Re: The Blacklist - 03/25/19 02:43 AM

I keep hoping that they don't cancel New Amsterdam because if they do, that will give an opening for Tom to return. LOL.
Posted By: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: The Blacklist - 04/02/19 01:11 AM

Just watched both episodes both ended how I expected. My guess is we will see Stacy Keach again sometime. As for Samar: Mozhan MarnĂ² Confirms She Is Off The Blacklist
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Re: The Blacklist - 04/07/19 06:09 PM

You cannot believe the pronmos. The teaser for last week's episode made it seem Reddington was threatening Aram, twice. Never happened. Now they're trying to make us think Red is going to find out Liz was the one who betrayed him. They've tried that before. Not buying it.

The writters or so sneaky I wouldn't be surprised if the file the taskforce thinks is about the plot against the US isnt. Seems to me if the traitor knew they were suspected the thing to do would be to pick a file not connected to the coming attack to not investigate so the FBI thinks thats the the scheme you are involved with while having the real plot investigated by coconspirators, to send the FBI up a blind alley.

Posted By: Kaki's Sister

Re: The Blacklist - 04/08/19 09:42 AM

GuybrushThreepwood did you notice that Red is taking experimental drugs? It appears he is seriously ill and he doesn't want Liz or anyone else to know..
Posted By: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: The Blacklist - 04/08/19 01:23 PM

Yes, injections and pills.
Posted By: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: The Blacklist - 04/20/19 10:05 PM

I was right about the file they were investigating. And again the teaser for the next episode is trying to convince us Elizabeth knows the truth about Red. My guess is what she is saying about knowing is not even spoken to him. She wont know the truth until the end of the season and maybe not even then since the series has been renewed for another season.
Posted By: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: The Blacklist - 04/27/19 11:05 PM

As they've done before they ran two episodes this week. They ran them together almost seamlessly. I'm stunned by the first 6 minutes. And I don't mean the murder although that was strange enough.
Elizabeth actually told Reddington she was the one who betrayed him. And it he took it very well, claimed he knew it all along but talked himself out of believing it.

The identity of the killer did not surprise me at all. Really only two possible suspects. The red herring was obvious to me. So I discounted him. Which only left the first man or the woman. For awhile I was a little uncertain which way they would go. I knew one would try to murderer the other. Once they were actually together I knew which it was.

The second episode is mostly a flashback to Elizabeth's mother. Basically they lied to the audience by showing her drowning herself the last time they gave us an episode about her. This time she changes her mind about the suicide. Anyway, we supposedly know the truth about Reddington. But we must be still missing something because we still don't know why he's upset about Elizabeth knowing. She asked a good question and ddn't get a real answer, which is why is he still playing the part? I think Katarina is dead, because this "Reddington" killed her. Which is what he's afraid Elizabeth will find out. This whole flashback was Elizabeth's grandfather's story of what happened as told to him by the imposter. What if the imposter Reddington lied to him about what happened?

As for Dembe, I cannot find any articles on the actor leaving so I think he'll be back .

Still 3 episodes left for this season. Next season is probably the last.

Posted By: Kaki's Sister

Re: The Blacklist - 04/29/19 09:10 AM

You know we still don't know whose bones Red was keeping and why they are so important. Now that Liz knows "the story" from her grandfather, Red has decided to dispose of them. Still lots of unanswered questions!
Posted By: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: The Blacklist - 04/29/19 02:52 PM

Those were the real Raymond Reddington's bones. Ellizabeth and the audience learned he was an imposter from DNA test on the bones. I And they were disposed of some time ago. think you missed an episode or two.
Posted By: Kaki's Sister

Re: The Blacklist - 04/30/19 08:45 AM

I thought I saw at the end of the last episode a preview of him burning the bones. I haven't missed any episodes but things keep going back and forth and half truths keep being turned into lies! Don't know what to believe any more!
Posted By: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: The Blacklist - 04/30/19 06:28 PM

In the first episode Reddington said "Everything about me is a lie". If people would remember that they wouldn't ever assume they know the truth about him. He told us from the start he was an imposter. He also told Elizabeth he would never lie to her. And he hasn't. He's just never told her the entire truth about anything. He mostly leaves things unsaid. Earlier in the series he told her her father was dead which is apparently true. But she choose to not believe him. And when she refereed to him as he father in later episodes he didn't bother to repeat himself. Then she finally came to conclusion that he killed her father until she remembered she in fact shot him when she was a little girl. Notice when she said she knew now that he's that Russian man her grandfather told her about he neither confirmed nor denied it. He rarely does but she keeps making assumptions and because he doesn't deny them she assumes he's confirmed them by his silence when in fact he hasn't done any such thing.

Yes the writers lie. Katarina was originally shown to have drowned herself. Now they shown her changing her mind in the middle of doing it. We still don't know if she is really alive now. I think "Reddington" killed her. Because Dembe once said that Elizabeth would not forgive Red for what he did to Katarina. So she must be dead. And he killed her.

There was an episode where under torture Red seems to admit to being Elizabeth's parent but that not what he said what he said was "If you want me to say she's my daughter, then yes, shes my daughter". In other words he said what he had to stop the torture.
Posted By: Kaki's Sister

Re: The Blacklist - 05/01/19 09:02 AM

GuybrushThreewood thanks for the excellent summary of the facts. I hope when we finally learn the truth about everything it all makes sense! If it doesn't I'll be looking to you to explain it to me! Thanks again. wave
Posted By: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: The Blacklist - 05/11/19 03:49 AM

Well they must be missing something. The obvious answer the man in the video made a mistake about who the target is.
Makes no sense that the president would plot to kill himself. I can think of two alternate targets, the other guy running for president or the first lady. Or of course the president is the target but he's been dupped into beleving otherwise.
And of course Reddington is not going to get shot in the back of the head. If Elizabeth doesn't save him Dembe will make a surprise appearance.
Posted By: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: The Blacklist - 05/19/19 05:21 PM

So I was right about the actual target of the assassination plot. And about Dembie.

Glad to see that silly notion that Reddington is Katarina after a sex change is finally shown for the nonsense it always ways.

(Sigh) the new fan theory is that the mystery man is Illya which makes Reddington, the real Reddington. Which is a problem given the DNA from the skeleton matched Reddington. (can you actually get DNA from old dried bones?)

Any way we have to wait until next year for any answers.
I think it would be great twist if that syringe Katarina stabbed Red with contained a deadly toxin, most people assume it just knocked him out, and the Reddington for the next season, which most people believe will be the last, is an imposter of the imposter. That probably wont happen though most likely he was just knocked out. Some people think Dembie will have followed him to Paris and will rescue him.

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