Muhammad Ali, RIP

Posted By: manxman

Muhammad Ali, RIP - 06/04/16 02:32 PM

Muhammad Ali, a great fighter and champion in the boxing ring and in life has passed on. Who can forget his tenacity in the ring and his principles in life. Rest in Peace.
Posted By: gymcandy1

Re: Muhammad Ali, RIP - 06/04/16 02:34 PM

Arguably the greatest boxer ever.

Rest in peace Muhammad.
Posted By: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Muhammad Ali, RIP - 06/04/16 03:48 PM

When boxing actually seemed like a sport. I enjoyed watching him. R.I.P Muhammad.

Posted By: Sorta Blonde

Re: Muhammad Ali, RIP - 06/04/16 05:35 PM

Another one bites the dust. Is it just me or does it seem that we are losing a lot of the people we knew and loved when we were young? He was a great fighter, a real 'showman' and fighting through that Parkinson's was tough. RIP Ali.
Posted By: Space Quest Fan

Re: Muhammad Ali, RIP - 06/04/16 11:07 PM

My prayers go out to his family. hearts
Posted By: Kaki's Sister

Re: Muhammad Ali, RIP - 06/06/16 10:00 AM

Sad news indeed. Sorta that's what happens as we aged. All those we admired when we were young are at the end of their days now.
Posted By: Volkana

Re: Muhammad Ali, RIP - 06/07/16 06:29 PM

R.I.P. ...
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