A Computing Chuckle

Posted By: Mad

A Computing Chuckle - 06/10/20 10:59 AM

A friend sent me this little snippet this morning laugh

I’m at the library, and for some reason, when I plug my flash drive into the computer, it doesn’t show up.

I keep trying, but nothing happens.

As an IT major, I know I can figure this out.

So I spend 15 minutes changing settings and inserting and removing the flash drive.

Then a girl sitting next to me taps my shoulder and says, “You’re plugging into my computer, not yours.”
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: A Computing Chuckle - 06/10/20 01:22 PM

I've done some pretty dumb things, but don't think I've ever done something like that!
Posted By: Mad

Re: A Computing Chuckle - 06/11/20 11:05 AM

I think she sent it to me because of the "As an IT major" bit, as she is an IT specialist herself wink
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: A Computing Chuckle - 06/13/20 11:19 PM

It does happen -- especially when they alternately put one computer on the floor, one on the desk, one on the floor, one on the desk, etc. They do this because of space restrictions. If you don't notice the computer for your station is on the floor, you can very easily put your USB drive into your neighbor's computer.
Posted By: Mad

Re: A Computing Chuckle - 06/14/20 11:15 AM

Heck !! I bet I would be one of those who plugged in to someone else's machine in those circumstances lol
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