Posted By: old lady

Machinarium - 05/27/10 09:44 AM

I am trying to load this game but when I click on the c drive I can't find a setup icon. The music cd if fine but not the game dvd, Any ideas?
Posted By: Rushes

Re: Machinarium - 05/27/10 09:52 AM

Hi old lady,

It sounds as though you've bought a faulty edition - see this previous thread HERE for more info.
Posted By: old lady

Re: Machinarium - 05/27/10 12:00 PM

Many thanks Rushes. I bought it from a company called gzoop via Amazon uk on the 12 May, if the people who made it knew there was a problem in March you would have through that all defective ones should have been withdrawn by now.I have emailed Amazon and hope I will get a refund or a working replacement.
I do love this site because it gives me all the information I need in a situation like this. Thank you.
Posted By: old lady

Re: Machinarium - 05/28/10 10:54 AM

Just an up-date, I e-mailed gzoop who asked me to e-mail mamba games. I did that and have had an e-mail asking me for my address so they can send me a replacement. What very good customer service.
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