Windows 10 freezing

Posted By: kazzmo

Windows 10 freezing - 08/15/19 01:30 AM

My windows 10 computer has started freezing during Destiny 2 Forsaken and also when it has been idle. I would appreciate any thoughts you may have. I updated the graphics card last week, but that did not solve the problem.
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Windows 10 freezing - 08/15/19 02:02 AM

If it freezes when it's idle, it's probably not the game that's to blame.
There could be a problem with the hard drive or the memory.
You can check the memory with memtest.

You can check the hard drive with Windows chkdsk utility.

There could also be a problem with a fan, which could cause overheating.
Here is a forum thread mentioning a couple of utilities to check hardware temperatures

And of course a virus can cause freezes.

Here are a couple of websites with more ideas about computer freezes:

Here's one specifically for Windows 10
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Windows 10 freezing - 08/15/19 02:21 AM

I had a drive start freezing like that on a computer I am responsible for. Everything that Jenny mentions above can be a source or the problem.

Definitely try all of them. One thing you might do is take a look at your Event Viewer. Take note of the specific time the freeze happens. Go to Event Viewer and look at the Windows Logs. See if you can find something that happened exactly at the time your computer froze up.
Posted By: kazzmo

Re: Windows 10 freezing - 08/15/19 08:34 AM

Jenny100 and Draclvr, Thank you so much for your time and references. I am wondering, after reading the references, if my computer is getting to hot. I moved it a few months back and this room is not as cool and the previous room. I did not have this problem in the other room. The computer had been there since of September of 2015 with no freezing problems. I pulled it away more from the wall and placed a fan very close to it, which I will run when the computer is on. I ran the disk check, it found no problems. I have Web Root and Malwaresbyte installed and running. No virus found. I will try some more of the suggestions tomorrow.
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Windows 10 freezing - 08/15/19 01:30 PM

Besides using a utility like HWiNFO or hwmonitor to get your temperatures, you can also check whether your fans are turning by opening the computer case, starting the computer, and making sure the fans are moving when they should.

Also check for dust in the computer case. If the heat sink on the processor is getting clogged with dust, the fan won't be able to cool the processor properly. If there is excessive dust, blow it out with compressed air. Don't use an ordinary vacuum cleaner because it will tend to generate static, which can cause permanent ESD damage that's worse than the dust.
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Windows 10 freezing - 08/15/19 02:01 PM

Oh, definitely yes to the fins on the CPU cooler. Someone brought me a computer which died because the fins were completely clogged with dust and cat hair. Everything else tested out OK, so I just replaced the CPU and cooler. This individual also left it running 24/7 for years which meant those fan were running constantly. I suggested at least putting it to sleep every night and doing a reboot once a week. That was a couple of years ago and it's still running.

Speccy is also a good tool for monitoring interior temperatures. It's from Piriform, the same folks who make CCleaner.
Posted By: kazzmo

Re: Windows 10 freezing - 08/15/19 11:33 PM

Jenny100 and Draclvr, I will ask my son to help me with taking the back off my computer and assist with the cleaning. I used the compressed air a few years ago to clean one of my computers and blew dust on the graphics card and ruined it, so I am afraid to risk this happening again. I ran Speccy and my CPU temp varies from 39c to 44c. Graphics temp is 38c. Thank you so very much for your help.
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Windows 10 freezing - 08/16/19 01:21 AM

Sounds like your temps are excellent. Once you make sure your cooling fins on the CPU are clean, you can start trying to figure out what's going on. The Event Viewer might help and it might not.

If you have anything important on this computer, be sure to do a full backup.
Posted By: kazzmo

Re: Windows 10 freezing - 08/16/19 04:45 AM

I looked at my Event Log. Errors are mostly Bonjour Service(massive amounts of this) and ESENT. A few Service Central Manager and Application Hang. Warnings are WHEA Logger and isa Agent. I know Bonjour is connected to iTunes. I read that Boujour can be installed without losing iTunes. If this is indeed the case, would it be smart to uninstall Bonjour?
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Windows 10 freezing - 08/16/19 05:17 AM

See if you can find any of these errors at exactly the same time of the freeze... I looked up WHEA logger and it indicates that there is a hardware error.

ISA is possibly a piece of malware or a PUP. When you run a Malwarebytes scan, does it find anything?

Maybe useful info on the ESENT errors, or maybe not.
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Windows 10 freezing - 08/16/19 02:39 PM

There's a list of ESENT error numbers here
***Microsoft Answers Webpage***

Here's a thread where someone asks about uninstalling Bonjour
iTunes uses Bonjour for some of its "features" but if you don't use those particular "features" you don't need Bonjour.

Here's a website that tells how to remove Bonjour

Here's an Apple webpage that tells how to turn off the Bonjour service in Windows.
If you're not sure whether you're using some feature of iTunes that uses Bonjour, you can try disabling Bonjour and see if anything about iTunes stops working.
Posted By: kazzmo

Re: Windows 10 freezing - 08/17/19 10:31 AM

Draclvr and Jenny100, Malwarebytes finds no viruses. Webroot does not find any either. Since I have put a fan directly on my computer there have been no problems.{knock on wood} I will read the references concerning Bonjour. I may turn it off if I do not need it to play the music I have purchased. I am going to take the side off the computer and check for dust on the fans and else where.
Posted By: FlyingDutchman42

Re: Windows 10 freezing - 08/17/19 01:14 PM

Is your mouse working ok?
A couple of weeks ago my PC froze up
because of the mouse yes cry

Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Windows 10 freezing - 08/17/19 01:45 PM

Sounds like you have a plan! I would definitely look into those WHEA hardware errors if it happens again though.
Posted By: kazzmo

Re: Windows 10 freezing - 08/18/19 09:04 AM

FlyingDutchman42 and Draclvr, My mouse and keyboard are working fine. I took the side off my computer today and cleaned it out. The fans were really dirty. I am ashamed of myself for letting this happen. I will check out the hardware errors if this reoccurs. Think you for your help and thoughts on my problem.
Posted By: Draclvr

Re: Windows 10 freezing - 08/18/19 02:45 PM

Mine is in serious need of a good cleaning out too. Although this new case I rebuilt everything in is much better at filtering out the dust and cat hair than my old one! Maybe this won't happen again, kazzmo!
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