The Omega Stone

Posted By: petert

The Omega Stone - 09/08/18 01:58 PM

When I tried to replay The Omega Stone on my old XP computer - on Virtual PC in Windows 98 - I found that, having battled through Easter Island, Chicken Itza and Bermuda Triangle, CD 2 will not load, so I cannot get back to Stonehenge. I get the message that I need to clean the CD, which is in positively sparkling condition, in order to make it load.

Hence, is there anyone who could sell me a 5 CD version of the game?

Note that I live in England.

Posted By: rmelone

Re: The Omega Stone - 09/08/18 02:11 PM

I have "The Omega Stone: Riddle of the Sphinx II" but it only has 4 CDs so I guess that isn't the one you're asking about.

Have you checked on Amazon? It's possible they may have what you're looking for.

Posted By: Jenny100

Re: The Omega Stone - 09/08/18 02:42 PM

Before buying another game that may have the same problem, make sure the problem is with the disc and not the drive. Check whether or not the disc is readable outside of the game, and/or in a different computer or different drive.

Examine the label side of the disc. The data is closer to the label side than the clear side, so if the label is scratched or worn off the data may be missing.

MaG's walkthrough says
"You can do a full install (2.68 GB) that eliminates the need for the CDs in the drive."

Were you not able to do the full install or do you have a different version of the game that doesn't offer a full install?
Posted By: petert

Re: The Omega Stone - 09/08/18 04:41 PM

My initial mistake was to try and load the game into a Windows 7 machine, but not unexpectedly it refused to run.
I therefore tried it in Virtual PC on my old XP machine: I loaded in disc 1 and then was pleased to see that the game started, so off I went.
All went well until I reached the stage when I had to load in CD 2 to go back to Stonehenge, whereupon I received the message that the CD would not load.
It was then that I appealed to GB to try and buy another 5-disc version - after so many years I assumed that The Adventure Company had updated to a DVD version, but your query about a different version suggests that that did not happen.

You see, I did not want to have to repeat my progress to date, especially with the Chicken Itza section (so difficult to see, even with the brightness wound up as far as it would go). Hence I wanted to be able to keep my progress to date

Interestingly enough, when I tried this morning, after cleaning the CD again in the approved manner, to load in CD 2, I noticed that the warning about the CD had come up before I had even put it in, suggesting that the fault may not be in the CD at all but elsewhere in the programme.


Should be 4 CD version, not 5!
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