Posted By: Pandora

Trivia - 05/25/16 04:40 PM

Try your hand at these brain-busting trivia questions. Remember, please, that you may not google or use any reference sources for the first 24 hours of this thread.

-1. Which food was not served at the 1621 Thanksgiving feast: venison, corn on the cob, or turkey?
-2. What is Freytag's Pyramid?
-3. Who has the only spoken line in Mel Brooks's 1976 film Silent Movie?
-4. Who/what was the Pink Panther in the movie of the same name?
-5. What is the state sport (individual, not team) of Maryland?
-6. If you wrote a poem with five anapestic lines in a rhyme scheme of aabba, what would you have?
-7. Murder victim Elizabeth Short was known by what moniker?
-8. By what name is the Cyanocitta Cristata commonly known?
-9. On what game show would you have heard the Herb Alpert's song "Whipped Cream"?
-10. At which racetrack is the Preakness held?

Posted By: niteowl07

Re: Trivia - 05/25/16 04:52 PM

7 - the black dahlia ?
Posted By: michele rose

Re: Trivia - 05/25/16 05:10 PM

9. The Dating Game grin
Posted By: Cue

Re: Trivia - 05/25/16 05:17 PM

4. a gem?
Posted By: Jarkeld

Re: Trivia - 05/25/16 05:17 PM

4. A diamond?
Posted By: DocPaul

Re: Trivia - 05/25/16 05:57 PM

6. just a guess: Limerick
Posted By: curly

Re: Trivia - 05/25/16 05:58 PM

10. Pimlico
Posted By: Marian

Re: Trivia - 05/25/16 05:58 PM

7. Black Dahlia wave

Sorry - niteowl already posted the answer. oops
Posted By: Sondi

Re: Trivia - 05/25/16 06:27 PM

3. Marcel Marceau grin

Posted By: jboliver

Re: Trivia - 05/25/16 08:09 PM

1. turkey
Posted By: Pandora

Re: Trivia - 05/25/16 08:11 PM

Excellent answers and good guesses! wave

jboliver, turkey was part of the meal. Try again. smile
Posted By: Space Quest Fan

Re: Trivia - 05/25/16 08:48 PM

1. Corn?
Posted By: Pandora

Re: Trivia - 05/25/16 10:05 PM

Corn might have been there, but not in corn-on-the-cob form. If it existed, it would have been as a crude kind of cornmeal. thumbsup
Posted By: BobH

Re: Trivia - 05/26/16 12:50 AM

2. Pyramid of basic human needs? The one I'm thinking of has self-actualization at the top.

Nevermind smile
The one I was thinking of was Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Posted By: Pandora

Re: Trivia - 05/26/16 03:07 AM

Well, cool! I learned something new. smile
Posted By: Koala

Re: Trivia - 05/28/16 02:16 AM

5. Jousting
8. Blue jay

Posted By: Pandora

Re: Trivia - 05/28/16 02:24 AM

Well done, Koala! smile
Posted By: BobH

Re: Trivia - 05/28/16 04:29 AM

2. The five parts of dramatic structure: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and dénouement. The pyramid is formed by the rising action going up one side of the pyramid, to the climax at the apex of the pyramid and the falling action down the other side.

I wonder if this analysis would apply to adventure games. grin
Posted By: Pandora

Re: Trivia - 05/28/16 01:46 PM

Well, we've certainly explored our share of pyramids. Good answer! grin
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