a First Look by flotsam

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LUNA The Shadow Dust (demo)

Available only as a demo so far, this is about 25 minutes of dreamy, engaging puzzling.

It's beautifully done, visually and aurally. It reminded me of an elaborately illustrated child's picture book. A gentle musical score fills the rooms and accentuates the feeling of the thing, and ambient sound as you prod and poke about does the rest. There is no spoken word, which doesn't matter because nothing is said.

It is essentially escape from a room, each escape putting you in the next room as you ascend a tower. A childlike character is the initial protagonist, having been deposited somewhere by a floating bubble. Once inside the tower, he/she soon discovers a small four legged creature who joins the travails. You control both, switching between them at will, and the combined efforts of both will be required to move on.

Leaving the room you are in simply requires you to unlock the door. How to do that is the point of the room. You might fiddle with machinery, manipulate murals, or simply identify a colour pattern. The half dozen or so rooms got more involved as I went, though none are terribly hard. Presumably that might come.

I enjoyed the puzzling, and was captivated by the world in which it took place.