The Sojourn

a First Look by flotsam

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I knew nothing about this game when I started but have played for about half an hour. The game which first came to mind was The Talos Principle and so I wasn't surprised to see Steam suggesting it as one of the "more games like this".

It doesn't have that game's philosophical dialogue (at least not yet) but it is about manipulating the objects in the environment in order to exit through the door and move to the next part of the world. So far, I have come across two different statues and a fire that enables you to see into the "dark" world to assist you.

Walking into the fire enables you to see and use pathways or bridges that aren't there in the "light" world. It also enables you to activate the statues that are a key part of the manipulation.

When I began, there was a statue that enabled me to swap places with it. This was immediately useful as your capacity to move around in the dark world is limited. You can only move a certain distance, so if you want to cross a bridge that doesn't exist in the light world, you better hope that is within your dark world range. If not, perhaps you can move the statue to a location to which, if you then swap places, you can make it across the bridge within the movement range available.

A few doors later, I was introduced to a portal that opened a gate, so long as the statue was standing on it. A few more, and a second statue enabled me to repair broken bridges for a limited amount of time. Getting out the door is becoming more convoluted, requiring the manipulation of the statues and a bit of related timing (i.e. get to where you need to be before the time runs out).

I suspect there may be more statues that do other things. I also have a control that utilises relics, but I have yet to come across any of them.

The game is a a colourful polygon-ish world and saves as you go. The game's website says you will delve into four beautifully crafted chapters, each with their own distinct style and atmosphere, which I am yet to experience.

You move with the keyboard and interact with the mouse and I am looking forward to what lies ahead.