a First Look by flotsam

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I have only just scratched the surface but I am intrigued by Jessika.

I didn't play Her Story or its sequel, but having poked around a bit there is much here that seems to be inspired by those games. If you played them, you will know what to expect.

If you haven't then what you have is something very different, at least in my playing experience.

The story involves the suicide of the titular character, and a desire by her father to find out why. That is your job, one (I understand) you do entirely from your laptop while sitting in a cafe, following the breadcrumbs of Jessika's digital life.

So far I have exchanged some messages with a number of people and gotten online and recovered a number of files about particular subjects. Paying attention to the information in the files has suggested search terms which have found more files. I fully expect to continue in this way.

The files are short little FMV clips, playing in a small window on your laptop. So far so good with the quality and the acting.

A bit of typing and some mouse clicking provides the interface thus far.

Your game world is the laptop screen, and apart from the FMV it's a static rather plain one. But that is the only plain thing about Jessika, and I am looking forward to getting stuck right in.