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I have played for about 80 minutes and imagine I have many more engaging minutes to come.

Flake is a creature of some sort, seemingly suited to the snowy mountain he finds himself stuck on top of. Getting down to the coast that Flake can see below is as good an objective as any.

It is a more involved story than just getting down the mountain but how elaborate it might be I can't tell at this stage. The time travel portal though is a nod to things being other than they seem, not to mention the strange little internal 'rumblings' that affect Flake from time to time.

I am aware you can investigate more about the lore at the makers website, but I suspect I will let that wait until I see what plays out through the game. I don't want to spoil anything.

So far I have found many more items than I have used, had quite a few analysed by Travis (a fellow I came across in my explorations), spoken with a family of polar bears as well as a face-mask needing a name, and thrown many snowballs. Puzzling has so far been inventory based (save for the snowballs), and I have many things to solve in that regard.

While on the subject, throwing snowballs doesn't require any actiony timing or twitching. Near as I can tell, practice makes perfect, and clicking your objective is all you need to do to let one fly.

The game is point and click all the way, and you can save at will. The animation style is charming, reminiscent of many things you watched or played back in the day. Scenes slide in many directions as you make you way about, and be sure to explore the edges of scenes as triggering a move can be a bit precise at times. Conversations are voiced (so far so good), ambient sound is appropriate and a woodwindy soundtrack underpins your endeavours. Click a hotspot to generate a small number of icons (look, use, talk) and make your choice. Click and drag inventory items to use them in the game world or on other items, and right click items to get a little insight into what they are. It's all very straightforward.

Flake got me interested right from the start and hasn't let go.

Once again, weeds are my life!