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This is a fiendish top-down world based on paper folding.

It reminded me of Garogoa, and then it reminded me of Contrast. Both are games in which the manipulation of the world in different planes matters.
I am only about 40 minutes of playtime in and it is already hurting my brain. It's simple in its construction, and way less so in its solution.

Simplistically, you fold the scene in front of you like a big piece of origami in order to progress through the world. A bridge might be broken which is preventing you from getting to where you want to go; can you fold the world in a way that will produce a complete bridge? You do that by dragging the scene from any corner or edge, and rest assured a way forward will eventuate.

At first it's straightforward, but very quickly becomes way more elaborate; fold this, move there, fold it back, move somewhere else, fold something else, and move on. Hopefully.

I have recently needed to push boulders around, in order to just move past them and then to trigger pressure pads to remove blockades. I expect there will be other similar things to come.

Your character's thoughts are voiced, everything else is heard in gibberish and subtitled.

I am point and clicking but the keyboard works as well.

The autosave feature has meant I have needed to play beyond when I wanted to stop. I do wish games wouldn't do that, but it's the only negative aspect to date. Everything else is so much puzzling fun.

Once again, weeds are my life!