Chapter 1 - Penumbra

Take the DIARY from the small table. Look at it in the inventory and you'll find a loose page. Take the page and look at it. You have found your TIME CARD. 

Click "Alternative" at top right. Choose Diary. Read April's diary to get the background. Make a habit of reading the diary often. You get April's view of what has happened and it will give you a better understanding of the game.

Open (click it and choose hand, see General Rules above) the closet and look at the TOY MONKEY. Take it.
In the inventory look at the monkey and you'll get a close up. Look at the monkey's EYE, take it and it will fall out. Then take it again to put it into the inventory. Turn the screw on the close up. You'll learn that the monkey can make sounds.

Leave April's room and talk to Zack in the corridor. Then walk downstairs into the Common Room.
Talk to Fiona.

Look at the Notice Board on the wall and take the PINK NOTE. Look at it in the inventory and you'll see that you also have got a PUSH PIN. Read the note and then give it to Fiona. She'll give you the GOLD RING.
Talk to her, ask all the questions, she has a lot to tell you.
Pick up the MATCHES from the table and go outside.

Outside, to the left, there is a machine. It is the broken Water-Pump that Fiona told you about. You must fix it.
Use GOLD RING on the loose electrical wires (upper right). Save the game.
There are two handles. Look at them, push them and learn what they do.
The left handle transfers the read light one step to the right. The right handle turns the small dials 45 degrees clockwise. The dial over the red light is unaffected.
Push the handles until all the dial are horizontal. It is possible to do this by trial and error.
If you have difficulties, reload the game and do it this way:

Push left handle 2 times and move the red light two steps to the right,
push the right handle 2 times.

Push the left handle 1 time,
push the right handle 3 times.

Push the left handle 1 time,
push the right handle 1 time.

Turn the knob on the gas valve (left).

Turn the wheel, then take the CLAMPS.

Don't forget to take the GOLD RING back.

When you pass Cortez on the bench he will stop you. Talk to him.
Go to the Bridges. From here you can reach the Metro, the Park and the Café.
Push x on the keyboard if you want to find the exits.

Go through the Park to the Academy.
Enter the Academy, and go upstairs. Take the PALETTE (from the table), then use it on your painting.
Talk to Emma.
After the animation, go downstairs, pick up the RUBBER GLOVE from the wastebasket and return to the Bridges.

From there go to the Fringe Cafe.
Enter the cafe and talk to Charley.
Take some CANDY from the jar and go into the café.

Talk to your boss Stanley. You have to talk to him until he gives you the money. Threaten to quit the job.
Take the TIME SHEET from your inventory, and give it to him.
He transfers money onto your CASH CARD.
When Stanley asks you to work, say yes or no. (Remember the choice, because you have to do as you said, to end the chapter later on.)

Look at the poster in the far right corner. Read it. Take a TICKET. Look at it in the inventory to get the address to Roma Gallery.

Talk to Emma. Take some BREAD from the table.
Go to the Subway Station.

To get through the subway gates you must buy a ticket. Look at the gene scanner to get a close up.
Push "Week" then show your CASH CARD to the gene scanners eye.
Go through the gates and enter the Train

Inside the train, overhead, there is a SUBWAY MAP. Look at it. It is a menu, that gives you access to different locations. Every time when you get a new address, a new location is added to the map.
Save the game.

Select destination Roma Gallery. When you leave the train you see the gallery, go inside.
Talk to Cortez until he leaves.

To end the chapter you must do what you choose earlier.
Either go back to the café and report for work, or go home and talk to Fiona and Mickey at the apartment until Fiona asks you to watch the TV with them.
There are two different endings, depending on where you go.

The walkthrough is written by MegaZina
and based on the game The longest journey from IQ Media Nordic.
The pictures are taken from the game.
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