Chapter 2 - Through the Mirror

In your Room, open the WINDOW and look out.
Use the BREAD on the floating RUBBER DUCK.
When the bird lands on the grill, it loosens the clothesline and the rubber duck floats away.
Click the CHAIN to haul up the CLOTHESLINE, then take it. 

Talk to Fiona in the Common Room, she will tell you that Zack can give you more info about Cortez.
Go upstairs and knock on Zack's Door. (Opposite your door.)
Zack tells you that Cortez probably is at the Mercury Theater, but you have to promise him a date in return.

Go back outside the Fringe and pick up the now DEFLATED RUBBER DUCK that is stuck in the canal.
Look at it in the inventory and take the BAND AID.
Then go to the Subway Station.

To the far left, something glitters. Look at it and you'll see that it is a KEY.
In the inventory, combine the CLAMPS and the CLOTHESLINE.
Then click on the RUBBER DUCK and choose "mouth" to blow up the deflated duck. Combine it with the CLAMPS-CLOTHESLINE into a new item. Immediately use the combined items on the KEY down the track.

Enter the train, choose Metro Circle, and go right until you arrive at the Mercury Theater.
Talk to Freddie Melon and notice that he has difficulties with the lights.

Talk to the plainclothes-cop leaning on the lamppost. Talk to him until he says that he should like some candy.
Move the GARBAGE CAN, and look at the GREEN OOZE below it.
Use the CANDY on the GREEN OOZE, and you'll get STICKY CANDY.
Use STICKY CANDY on the COP. He gets angry, throws the candy on Freddie Melon. Freddie hits the cop with his broom and chases him away. When Freddie tells you about his hat, go and get it. It is in the middle of the street.

Now you'll have to get rid of Freddie. Try to sabotage the light.
Open the FUSE BOX with KEY. Combine RUBBER GLOVE and BAND AID. Use the combined item on the CABLE to loosen it.

This will put out the lights above the cinema, and Freddie Melon can't fix it with his broom as before. He goes through a door into the alley. Follow him.

Freddie has disappeared and the door, Fire Exit, is locked.
You must trick Freddie Melon into opening the Fire Exit.

Look at the SHADOW on the wall. It looks like a man with a gun, but could be improved.
Put the HAT on top of the GARBAGE HEAP, so that the shadow looks more like an armed man.
Now you need some sounds to make it more real. Remember that your monkey can make sounds. Put the TOY MONKEY at the foot of the GARBAGE HEAP, (check that you have taken the eye). Then you need a fire. Use MATCHES on the WASTE PAPER BASKET. The fire alarm starts. Wait until Freddie starts to dance, then enter.

Inside the cinema, talk to Cortez.
After a while you both go back into the alley and Cortez opens a Shift Portal.
Evidently you enter the SHIFT and this brings you to the city Marcuria in the other world, Arcadia.
Just before you enter Cortez tells you to visit Brian Westhouse when you want to come back to Stark.

You'll find yourself in a Temple. Go through the rooms, look at the paintings and in the last room you'll find a priest, Vestrum Tobias.
Try to talk to him. Choose "Listen" until you can understand what he says. Talk to him again. As you want to go back as soon as possible ask him about Westhouse. Talk to Tobias, more than once, until he tells you that Westhouse is called the "The Rolling Man" in Arcadia.
Exit the Temple and go to the Market Stalls.

Talk to the Map Merchant, and ask for the address to "The Rolling Man".
The Map Merchant refuses to tell you.
His delivery boy returns and gets fired. Offer to work for the Map Merchant as map deliverer; and he will give you a MAP and a DELIVERY LIST.

The first errand is to deliver a map to captain Nebevay at "The white Dragon" in the harbor.
Look at the different exits and choose the one that shows a map with different locations.
Go to the Harbor and then to the Big Ship and you'll find Captain Nebevay.

Give him the MAP and he gives you a COIN but refuses to sign the DELIVERY LIST.
Talk to him and he'll tell you why. You realize that you have to play for him, but you have no instrument.

Go back to the City Gates. At the left there is a Music Merchant.
The only thing you can afford is a FLUTE. Return to Captain Nebevay, and use the LIST on him again.
Then there is an animation when you play the flute and Nebevay signs the list.

Go back to the Map Merchant and give him the DELIVERY LIST.
He sends you to your next customer, The Rolling Man, Brian Westhouse.
Go to the City Gates and you'll find a new item on the map.

Go there and deliver the MAP and DELIVERY LIST. Look at the DELIVERY LIST in the inventory and check that it is signed. Then talk to Westhouse, he has many strange things to tell.

When you start to leave, he'll give you a WATCH. Look at the WATCH in the inventory, It isn't working.
Use PUSH PIN on WATCH, and you'll get a Shift Portal.
You return to Stark and to the alley where Cortez is waiting. Talk to him.

Take the Metro to Venice then enter the Fringe Cafe. Talk to Emma then decide whether to watch the Show or go on the "date" with Zack. This time you can choose freely.
This ends Chapter 2.

The walkthrough is written by MegaZina
and based on the game The longest journey from IQ Media Nordic.
The pictures are taken from the game.
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