Chapter 4 - Monster

During her sleep, April opens a shift and is transported to an Arcadian street. 

Go into "The Journeyman Inn".
Talk to the women she is the owner of the inn.

When Abnaxos enters talk to him.
Then you feel tired. Sit in THE COMFY CHAIR.

The owner wakes you up in the morning, Talk to her.
Try to go out and the woman will give you some clothes.
When you are asked to help with the dishes, do it and you will get some Arkadian money.

Go into the city. On the map choose City Green. Knock at the door and talk to Abnaxos.

Go to the Temple and talk to Tobias. He gives you the address to the new location, Enclave.
Leave. On the city map choose Enclave.

Talk to Minstrum Yerin, the librarian.
Read all the books you can choose. Don't forget to try the first answer, there are a couple of books hidden.

You have read about some strange see-creatures. Go to the Harbor and talk to the Old Sailor on the short pier to get more info, also talk to Captain Nebevay.

Then go and talk to Brian Westhouse. (Lower left on the City Map.).
These three men give you new useful information.

Go to the Enclave, and read the new books. Don't forget the first answer.
You must read the book about Alais to be able to continue. You hear yourself saying that you ought to visit Alais.

After reading this book go to the harbor and speak with the Captain. He refuses to take you on board.
Talk again to the Old Man on the short pier. He will help you if you can get his talking bird back,

Go to the stalls in the Marketplace.
Return the DELIVERY LIST to the Map Merchant, he will give you a MAP OF THE NORTHLANDS for Tun Luic at the inn.
Then play a game with the Cups Handler. Look at the COINS and the SCREWDRIVER in the inventory.
The coin is iron and the screwdriver is magnetic. When you get the close up of the cups, use the SCREWDRIVER on the cups to detect which one holds the coin.
Talk to the Cups Handler until he gives you a CALCULATOR.
Try to start a new game. When he refuses, trade the SCREWDRIVER for the BIRD.

Go to the harbor and give the BIRD to the Old Sailor.
Talk to Captain Nebevay. He will agree to take you to Alais, but he can't sail without wind amd the evil Roper Klack in the Northlands has stolen the wind.

Look at the city map and choose the new location, Forest.
Suddenly the bird comes back and you decide to keep company. You give him the name Crow and he tells you to summon him by blowing the flute.

Continue walking and you'll meet a Mole Man. Talk to him. He tells you his brother is missing.
The Crow flows away to find the brother.

A bit further on there is a broken bridge. You can't pass it so turn and go back.

There you encounter an old woman sitting on the ground. Help her to her feet. She invites you for dinner.
Follow her home. When she goes searching for berries examine her house. Look at everything.

You hear something from the chain-locked cupboard.
Use the BROOM (to the left of the cupboard) on the CUPBOARD.
It falls and releases the missing Mole Man
Take the SKULL and use it on the ROUND WINDOW. Then take the MOLE MAN and put him on the WINDOW.
He escapes

The woman comes back, shows her real identity, a ghoul, and starts chasing you.
Click on the LOOSE FLOORBOARD (under the table). This will kill the ghoul.

Exit the house, and talk to the first Mole Man again. He will invite you to his home.
On your map, there now is a new location. Go there.

In the Mole village, talk to the Mole man.
He'll direct you to and their Elder. Talk with him, he will invite you to spend the night in the Spirit Dig.
Then return to the two Mole Men and talk to them about the Spirit Dig. They'll show you to the entrance.

Go there, and look at the bed. Use it and choose SLEEP.
The chapter is finished with an animation where you meet some "spirits".

The walkthrough is written by MegaZina
and based on the game The longest journey from IQ Media Nordic.
The pictures are taken from the game.
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