Chapter 3 - Friends and Foes

Go to the corridor and talk to Zack. 

Cortez told you yesterday to visit Father Raul in Hope Street Cathedral.
Go to the Subway Station and travel to Hope Street. 
Go right to the Cathedral. Inside, go right to the Confessionals and talk to Father Raul. 
He will give you the location of Warren, who painted the picture Cortez showed you in Roma Gallery. 

Return to Hope street, slum block 87, to the left. There you'll find a black boy.
Talk to him. After a while you realize that he is Warren. Warren agrees to help you, but only if you go to the Police Station at Metro West, and find the files on him and his family. 

Take the subway to Metro West and go right to the Police Station. Talk to the cop outside. You'll learn that all doors are stuck, and only Garbage Trucks are allowed to enter the only gate that is open.

Return to the street. You see a garbage container. You also see Garbage Trucks, but they all turn at the roadblock. 
Look at the ROADBLOCK. It shows a code. Look at the two STREET SIGNS. One is the same as the code on the container the other is different. 
Go back to the Roadblock. First Look at it then use the hand. If you have looked at both street signs, you will automatically enter the right code, and the roadblock moves to block the other street.
Jump into the container. After a little while a garbage truck will pick you up.

In the next scene you are inside the police station. Talk to the woman at the counter. 
She refuses to let you in. Talk to her until you learn that the workmen are having lunch. 

Talk to the fat workman. Talk to him until he mentions that a special form is needed to make them go to work.
Go to the Sliding Doors, and look at the Toolbox on the floor. 
There is a piece of paper in there, pick it up it is an old form. 

Try to give the form to the fat man, he will reject it and tell you the number of the needed form.
Go to the woman behind the counter and ask for that form. 
Use this new form on the fat man, he will reject it again and tell there is an A missing .
Go to the woman behind the counter and ask for this form with an A.
Now you have got the correct form, and both men go to work on the doors.

To be able to enter, you must get them away from the doors.
Look at the two Videophones. On one of them you can read the number. Go to the other phone and choose this number, when you are asked for one.

Then, while the phone is ringing run to the fat man and tell he has a phone call. 
When he goes, tell the thin man that he also has a call. You have to tell him several times before he goes.

When they are gone pick up the SCREWDRIVER on the floor.

Connect (take) the cables in the control panel. When the door opens try to get through.
The woman in the counter sees you and forbids you to go there. You must divert her.
Go to the woman at the counter and click on the shelves high up. You'll get the the code for a form that is difficult to reach. Ask for that form and when she turns her back to you, run to the Control Panel, connect the treads on the wall, and pass through the door.

You enter a corridor and see a Cola Machine and the Archive door. 
Look at the scanner outside the door and notice that it is a Retina Scanner. But how on earth can you get an eye from a person who has access to the room.

Go into the Locker Room to the far left and examine ALL LOCKERS. Yo'll learn some names. 
You hear someone growling painfully from the toilet and start to talk to him. 
He tells his name, Minelli, and asks who you are. Choose the name of the female cop you saw on the locker, Maria Hernandez.
Minelli puts his key under the door and asks you to fetch his medicine.

You have seen Minelli's locker. It's the first from the left. 
Open it and examine it carefully. You'll find an empty box for a false eye. So Minelli has a false eye. Something for the Retina Scanner? 
The mirror is broken. Look at the SHARD in the corner, then take it. Look at the paper behind and read it. 
Vital information. Minelli has used his wife's name and birth date as his password to the computer. 
Take the MEDICINE BOTTLE from the inventory and put it on the floor at Minelli's feet. 
Talk to him until he tells you the date of his wife's birthday.

Click the LIGHT SWITCH on the wall, to the right of the toilet and take the MONKEY EYE from the inventory.
When Minelli says he has dropped his eye, quickly put the MONKEY EYE next to the ARTIFICIAL EYE, and take it.
Minelli picks up the wrong eye, and starts screaming for a doctor. Quickly run out into the corridor.

At the Archive door use the ARTIFICIAL EYE on the RETINA SCANNER. The Archive Door opens, enter.

Click on the COMPUTER (on the top wall) and April will enter the password. Click SEARCH and choose the name WARREN HUGHES.
You get the file. Read it. First click DELETE then click PRINT. You can hear the printer starting. Look at the computer again. You have killed Warren. Look for his sister's name and colonisation number and click on it. (You must do this to get the data among your search choices.) Click SEARCH again. This time choose Erica's colonisation number. (There is nothing on her name.) When you get the file, PRINT it. 
Now search for info about the Church of Voltec and Jacob McAllen. When you get Mc Allen's file you get a message to report at headquarters. Look at the bottom of the screen and click on CONTINUE. At the bottom right on the next page, you will get a code consisting of 4 symbols, write them down. Log out.

Go to the other terminal (the bottom wall) and enter the four code symbols (When you point at the keyboard, you can see the numbers of each key. The right combination is 11, 16, 1, 8. The machine will fetch a folder. Look at the folder in the inventory, You'll learn there is an item inside, take the item. It is a DATA CUBE.

Go to the printer and take the PRINTOUT, then leave the Archive,
In the corridor stop and use your CASH CARD on the machine to buy a can of BINGO COLA.
Leave the Police Station. 

Outside is a wreck of a crashed aircraft. Take a look at it. You see a thing hanging from the side. Look closer and you see it is an ANTI-GRAV CONTROL UNIT. Then hurry back to Warren at Hope Street 87.

Give Warren the PRINTOUT, and he tells you the address of his friend Burns Flipper.

Take the Metro and go to the Harbor Area. Go up the stairs and then one whole screen to the right. On the next Screen Flipper's Garage is at the far right. 
To the right of the Garage door, there is a Paint Shaker.
Use the COLA Can on the PAINT SHAKER. You'll get an INFLATED COLA CAN ready to burst.
Knock on the garage door three times and persuade Flipper to let you in.

Talk to Flipper.
Give him the DATA CUBE to get more info about The Voltec Church.
Ask Flipper to get you an ID-Card. He wants 15 000$. Talk to him until he mentions that he needs a new
ANTI-GRAV CONTROL UNIT. You remember the one you saw at the wreck and ask him if he will take such a unit instead of money. When he agrees, return to Metro West and the Wreck.

A Cop guards the wreck and won't let you near it. Talk to him until he agrees that he is thirsty, then give him the INFLATED COLA . It bursts and he has to return to the station to change.
Around the wrecked aircraft, there is a laser fence. Use the SHARD on the LASER BEAM to deflect it. Use the SCREWDRIVER on the ANTI-GRAV CONTROL UNIT to loosen it, than take it.

Return to Burns Flipper and give him the ANTI-GRAV CONTROL UNIT.
He tells you to come back for the ID CARD later.

You have promised to meet Cortez at Hope Street Cathedral. Travel there by Metro and talk to Cortez.

Return home. You'll find Zack spying in the corridor and Emma and Charlie waiting inside. 
Talk to them and tell them as much as you can. Ask them to tell you if they see strangers around. 
When they leave, go to sleep.

The walkthrough is written by MegaZina
and based on the game The longest journey from IQ Media Nordic.
The pictures are taken from the game.
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