Chapter 8 - Reunion

In the morning you find yourself on Alais, the Island of the Alatian.
Take the ROPE from the beach. 

Go right and look at the crab on the beach. 
Try to talk to him. It seems that he is in pain.
Look at the statue on the cliff. Notice the symbols and the keyhole. 
Go left, to the ruins.

There is a similar statue. Look at it and notice the symbols and the keyhole.
Examine the hole in the ground. There is no entrance to it.
Use the ROPE on the TREE. Now you can enter the hole.
Climb down. Then climb down once more. Look around. You find both Maernum and Alatian houses.
Look at the stones at your feet. Take the STONE KEY.
Climb up and take the rope.

Look at the statue again and use the KEY with the KEYHOLE. Now you can turn the two wheels. Notice that parts of them are broken. Take the KEY and return to the beach.

Try to go into the Jungle.
Blow the FLUTE to summon Crow. Talk to him.
Take Crow and put him on the jungle.
Go to the Jungle and you'll have a new map. Choose the volcano.

Enter the big mouth in the head.
You'll see a symbol like the ones you saw on the statues. There is also some kind of keyhole and a telescope eye. Use the STONE KEY on the KEYHOLE.

Turn the key one step at the time and look in the telescope eye.
Every time you get a description of a statue, make a note of it and the symbol that is showing.
Take the KEY and exit the head.

Look at the big tree. It has some kind of construction in the top.
Go to Jungle and choose the Big Tree location.
Look at the statue. It has the same construction as the other two.

When you try to get up in the tree you stumble on Will one of the Stickmen.
Talk to all three of them until they have nothing more to say about the statues and the giant Q'aman.

Try to arrange the communication system to wake the giant.
As you have seen earlier only some of the symbols are available on the different statues.
Only the statue by the tree is able to listen to itself , so you have to use this as your starting point.

Look at the statue and use the STONE KEY with the KEYHOLE.
Turn the lower wheel until the tree symbol is over the key.
Turn the upper wheel until it shows the symbol of cliff statue.
Go to the beach and the cliff statue. Don't forget to take the KEY.
Turn the wheels of the cliff statue until the lower wheel, the ears, is turned to the symbol of the tree.
The upper wheel, the mouth, should be turned to the symbol of the ruins.
Take the key and go to the statue in the ruins.
Turn the lower wheel to the symbol of the cliff statue 
and the upper wheel to the symbol of the volcano head.
Now you are ready to wake up the giant.

Go to the Big Tree.
Click on the face of the statue and use Mouth.
Talk to Q'aman until he agrees to see you. Go to Jungle and the new location.
Talk to Q'aman until you can ask him to help the crab on the beach.

After the animation go to the statue on the cliff and speak with Q'aman.
When he says he needs a lure, give him the CANDY WRAPPER.

Go to the Big Tree.
Go to the top and examine the crossbow. Now go down and talk to the stickmen about the canon.
They tell you that they need a string to complete it.

Go to Q'aman and borrow his FISHING STRING.
Also take the FISH SKELETON.

Return to The Big Tree, and give the STRING to the Stickmen.
When the Crossbow is ready ask to use it.
In the inventory combine the ROPE with the SKELETON.
Use the combined item with the canon. Push the handle.

After the animation walk to the chasm and talk to the Alatien.
There is no other way to the village.
Use LIGHT-AS-A-LEAVE POTION on yourself and WIND POTION on the draft and you'll flow over the chasm as light as a leave.
Talk some more with the Alatien, then enter the tunnel.

At the city gate there is an Old Man. Talk to him, then go to the city.
Talk with the little girl and the young woman, to the right.

Then talk to the guard at the castle. He tells you about the test that you have to take.
You realize that you must first hear the stories so tell him that you would like to prepare for his questions.
Talk to the four Alatiens that you have already met, the young man, the old man, the girl and the woman.
They all tell you one of the stories. Listen carefully. You can't hear the stories again but you can read them in the Dialog Journal.
Go back to the guard and take the test.

Enter the castle and talk to the Teller.
During the animation you will receive the now complete stone. Your second piece of the key.

After the new animation you'll find yourself at the bottom of the ocean. Look at the cliff.
Look at the SAND and take it. You see a blue SMALL ORIFICE. Click on it and use Mouth and you'll get a get a LARGE ORIFICE. Enter it.
Talk to the blue Dragon. Eventually he gives you his eye stone, 
the first of the jewels you're seeking.

You are transferred to the Ship of the Dark-men. Talk to the Dark-man.

The walkthrough is written by MegaZina
and based on the game The longest journey from IQ Media Nordic.
The pictures are taken from the game.
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