Chapter 9 - Shadows

Talk to the Dark-man again in the morning. He will give you the third piece of the stone you're seeking.
He also gives you a Star Map where the entrance to the Guardians place is marked with a cross. 

You are landed in an empty Marcuria.
When you try to leave the harbor a shift opens and you are transported back to Venice and the Cathedral.

Speak with Father Raul.
Go home to change clothes.

At home Emma tells you to run away.
Before you can do that a guard appears and after him. Gordon Halloway.
Talk to him. Whatever you say Emma is shot.
When Gordon is distracted and turns his back on you, quickly run up the stairs and try to go into your room.
There is Zack, preventing you to enter. When he too is shot, rush into your room

Open the window. Look out. When you see the canal jump into it.

You'll come out beside the entrance but it is guarded and you can't pass.
You have to make yourself invisible. Use the INVISIBLE POTION.

Then run to the bridges and the Fringe Cafe. You are now visible again and there are two guards chasing you. Suddenly you see the mysterious door opening and give you a SHIFT.
Quickly run there and enter it.

You are in a room with an old woman. She seems to know you and tells her name, lady Alvane.
Talk to her.

Eventually she opens a SHIFT into Marcuria. Go through it.

The walkthrough is written by MegaZina
and based on the game The longest journey from IQ Media Nordic.
The pictures are taken from the game.
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