Chapter 13 - The longest journey

You find yourself alone in the desert. Adrian has disappeared. 
Go into the desert towards the tower. 

You see the CHAOS approaching.
You need something very potent to avert it. 
In the inventory combine the BIND MAGIC POTION and the TALISMAN.
Use the combined item on the Chaos, and you'll catch the Chaos in your talisman.

A bit further on you find yourself at a chasm.
Look at the other side of the chasm and you'll find a way to get around it.
Next you are the victim of an illusion.
You see yourself as a child in front of your daddy.
Talk to him. When he says he never loved you, show him your ring. Eventually you forgive him for what he has done to you. The illusion vanishes and you can continue.

When you come to the tower you can't reach it. There is a foggy canyon around it.
Blow your flute to summon Crow. Talk to him. 

Then take him and put him on the fog and tell him to examine it. 
He comes back and tells you that there is absolutely nothing there.

Take him and put him on the tower.
He'll tell you that he has found a well. 

Put Crow on the tower once more, and tell him to get some magical water.
While he still has water left in his mouth, put him on the canyon to make a bridge over it. 

Pass the bridge and go to the well in the center.
Look at it and touch it. You'll get a close up.

Use the STONE DISK on the opening.
A hand appears. Try to take it. Nothing happens. You can't open the tower. 

A new hand appears from behind. Adrian has returned and his hand opens the tower. 

They are transferred there without noticing that someone else is hanging underneath, 

You enter a big hall. Talk to Adrian. 
He tells you to go to the other side and begin your service. 
You do, but nothing happens. Perhaps you are not the next Guardian. 

At this moment Gordon enters and tells you that he is the nest Guardian and is taking over. 
Adrian won't let him and starts a fight.
Use your TALISMAN on GORDON. This will let CHAOS loose.

Gordon was once born to be the new Guardian but he was captured as a child, and parted in two halves. 
One half was made into Chaos and the other one into the Gordon Halloway, we have seen before. 
Now the both halves are united and the real Gordon, the one who was meant to be the new Guardian, is restored.

April can return to her world in a magical rose shimmering.

The walkthrough is written by MegaZina
and based on the game The longest journey from IQ Media Nordic.
The pictures are taken from the game.
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