Chapter 12 - The Dreamland

Try to exit. You can't. Try to enter the women's toilet. It is locked. 
The only thing that remains, is the men's toilet. Enter it. 

Look at the dispenser. Look again and you get more information. Touch it. You are told to use your credit-card.
Use your CREDIT CARD on the DISPENSER to get some PILLS.

Look at the wall beside the garbage can. Look at the GARBAGE CAN then move it. 
There is a DUCT behind. Look at it.
Use your COIN to unscrew the grill.
Open it and enter.

Take a look at the panel to the left.
Click on Service Duct # 1. You crawl through a new tunnel. 

There is a camera. Look at the SECURITY CAMERA.
Take the CABLE.
You see a guard coming, 
Jump very quickly into the duct when you see him.

Look at the service panel again. This time choose Service Duct # 2.
Put the PILLS in the coffee jug. 
The guard comes back. This time you are caught and returned to the waiting room.

Return through the toilet to the guard's room. Through the grid you see him drinking the coffee.
When he is gone enter the room.

First look at the computer in the corner. Search for the Guardian´s cell. It is number 5.
Look at the COAT on the chair. Take the KEY.

Look at the security screen to get a close up. 
Study the different guard postings. The rest room is empty. 
Click the red light that marks the guard of the prison cells. 
Choose the alternative Go off-duty. He agrees.

Go to the cell block. Outside cell 5 there is a panel. 
Move the cover and use the KEY on the PANEL.

The door opens and you meet Adrian the Guardian. Talk to him. 
He'll follow you. 

(Save the game. Sometimes Adrian gets in your way, you can't move and need a game to reload.)
You decide to take Adrian to the Airlock. 

Enter the guard's room and look at the security screen. This time you can't just tell the guard in the airlock go off duty because there already is a guard in the restroom. 
Click on the restroom and tell the guard to take up his posting again. 
When the restroom lamp is green, click on the Airlock guard and make him go off duty. 
Go first to the cells then take the right exit and you'll find the Airlock.

Look around and you see a panel with a red button. 
Look at the red button and then push it. 

You get access to the pod. Look at it. It has a panel too, with a red button. 
Look at the red button and you'll find that it misses an oxygen filter.
You have to go to the Cargo area.

First go to the guard's room. Order the guard in the restroom to take up duty. Then order the guard at the cargo area to take a rest.
Exit the room then take the exit marked Left corridor to reach the cargo area.

There are a lot of boxes. Go to the computer on the back wall. First look at it, then take it.
The filter is in the box marked L-10-9. Now you have to search for the box. 
Click at the different boxes until you find it. It is among Even more boxes, far back in the room. When you find the box you take the filter automatically.

Go to the guard's room. Order the guard in the restroom to take up duty. 
Then order the guard at the Airlock to take a rest.

Return to the Airlock. Use the OXYGEN FILTER with the POD to repair it.
Then push the YELLOW BUTTON on the panel to activate it.

The chapter is finished with an animation. You travel through Space to the land of the Guardian.

The walkthrough is written by MegaZina
and based on the game The longest journey from IQ Media Nordic.
The pictures are taken from the game.
This homesite is private and has no connection with the mentioned companies.