Special Ability: Brutality
Quest: Steal the Magic Gold from the Rhine maidens to
seize back control of his mines

The Forge

Q : What should I do first ?
A :
Get several things on the corner beside Mime, the dwarf. They are Loge's Tears (pyramide -shape), Magic Frog (on the pedestal), and Tile (the ornament on the wall). Mime told you to find the gold so he could forge the Ring for you.

Q : I couldn't get the ornament, Mime won't let me.
A :
After he told you that it's his, use brutality on him. He'll be scared and give the tile to you.

Q : How could I operate the cart ?
A :
Open the lid (it's the round-shape thing) and put 'Slug' inside. Feed him with the mineral. You'll hear an engine sound. Your cart is ready to move.

Control Room

Q : What's the story of this abandoned mine ?
A :
If you move the cart to the tower, enter then exit one screen, you'll see a path to the left. Go there. Talk through the microphone-like on the panel and then pull the lever to the middle position. A worker will appear on an elevator. He will explain to you why he doesn't want to work again. Nothing in the mines is working !! So you have to fix this situation.

Q : Where is the Control Room ?
A :
Go back to tower, enter, exit then head straight all the way to the other end (the right path near the end will lead you back again to the Forge).

Q : I push the upper button and a floating tile appears, what should I do with it ?
A :
Put the tile you have from the Forge inside the empty slot on the left. If you click the tile one by one you'll hear the narator tells you a part of a story. You have to push the small tiles in order to build the story. Push them in this order:

When you do the right sequence, the upper green light on the panel will be on and you could push the lower button to view the floating map.

Q : The floating map only appears briefly then it disappear. Am I doing something wrong ?
A :
Nope, it's just a little bit broken. Use your brutality on the panel. That should fix it.

Q : Everytime I go through the dark tunnel behind me I will be fallen to a hole. What should I do ?
A :
Change the path first. Use the floating map to do that. Look at this image to help you changing the path.

Original New Setting

Q : How could I open the chamber door at the end of the tunnel ?
A :
Look at this image to help you.

Q : How could I reach the Rhine maidens behind the right most window ?
A :
You could reach them through a path inside the Tower. Because you'll be dealing with water, that diving helmet behind the left window and the Anti-G cells inside that egg-shape thing in the middle of the room will become handy later on. Go to The Tower, step out from your cart and use the elevator to climb to the top of the furnace. Open it, enter, and you could access the path at the bottom of the furnace interior.

Q : I always die if I try to jump to the bottom of the furnace. Is this really the path entrance ?
A :
You have to fill it first with water. Go back to the Control Room. Use the floating map again. This time set the path according this image. It will flood the furnace with water. Go back to the furnace in the Tower, wear your diving helmet and dive to the water (just click the helmet on the water). You'll find an exit way to the lake where those three maidens are.

The Water World

Q : What should I do when they try to seduce me ?
A :
You're the evil king of the dwarf. Don't fall to seduction (you don't even know what pleasure is). Ignore all of those temptations and you'll be end up with 3 keys (Key Indifference, Key Mistrust, and Key Selfishness). On the other side of the lake, you'll see a big white cave. Inside this cave, you'll find the fourth key (Key Disgust) lying on the rock beside the door. If you fall into their seductions, you won't be able to enter the door, but you could always go back to the lake again and retrieve those keys.

Q : How could I open the door in front of me ?
A :
Get the red fish from the aquarium on your right and put it inside the big tank of water on your left. The Rhine maiden will appear and give you her medallion because she thought that you are patience and honest. The door will be accessible for you now.

Q : I enter the tunnel and end up in a big chasm with nowhere to go. What should I do ?
A :
Have you forget something? You're the Evil of the Evil Thing. Do the opposite of what the maiden said. Lock the door where you show up (between the tunnel and the Aquarium room) with the Key Disgust. If you go back again to the chasm, you'll see a green path shining. Take that path to the next room.

Q : I could not pass the first pool safely. What should I do ?
A :
Look inside the first pool and give the medallion back to the maiden that appeared. Now you could safely pass the first pool. 

Q : What about the second pool ?
A :
This is easy. Simply look at the second pool and the woman will tell you that your trust gain success. So, you could cross it safely.

Q : How could I pass through that locked door ?
A :
Use your helmet on the third pool. Dive and give the medallion back to the maiden. She told you to keep it. Now you could access the locked door. Again betray her by locking the door with Key Mistrust. Follow the green path to Mirror Room.

Q : What should I do with the mirror ?
A :
Use brutality on the mirror and give the medallion once and for all to the maiden. This time she'll accept it and give back your Anti-G cells (hmmm... when did she took it anyway ??!). Again you go through the door and lock it with Key Selfishness (what a character !!). Take the green path to the final room.

Q : Should I help the weak maiden ? Anyway I'm the evil thing right ...
A :
You have to help her this time. That's the only way to access the door behind her. Click one more time to bring her to water. But ...... again you betray her by locking the final door with Key Indifference. Because the gold is yours and you don't want to share it with others. If you don't lock the door, the woman will come back and give you her Big Reward: Trapped forever in this land.

Q : I die everytime I get out from this glass tube. What should I do ?
A :
You're underwater remember. Wear your diving helmet before you come out. Take the golden egg and you'll be transported back to the Forge. Give the gold to Mime, the dwarf.

The Forge

Q : What should I do to turn make the mines running again ?
A :
Go back to the Tower. Approach the furnace, click on the egg-shaped panel on the furnace wall (at the base of the furnace, beside the elevator). Put the Loge's Tears inside. Turn around and go the other end of the Tower (near your cart). On your left and right tube, there is a small panel. Open them and pull both levers to the green position. That should make the mine works again.


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