Welcome to the Circle of Ring, the ancient tale of German people. You play the role of ISH, the Metascient (the human survivor), who has been trusted by a Goddess to search in the treshold of his memory for the threads of the legendary opera.

There are four adventures in total within this game. You could play the stories in any order you want. Here is the list of the stories:

  • Alberich, the Nibelheim and the Rhine. The tyrant dwarf who wants to seize back control of his kingdom and who must steal the Magic Gold from the Rhine maidens to do so. He got special power called Brutality. Whenever he is annoyed, he hits the object or person bothring him.

  • Loge, Nibelheim2 and the Rock of Gods. The Fire Spirit, enslaved by Wotan, must enter the Nibelheim (the mine), steal the ring from Alberich and bring back the ring to pay the giants for constructing Walhalla. His special power is Fire who could produce flames.

  • Brunnhilde, the Walkyrie. Fleeing the wrath of her father because she loves Loge so much, the Walkyrie must fight a terrible monster in Necropolis. Her special ability is Magic Lance which could throw lightning bolts.

  • Siegmund and the Enchanted Forest. Half man, half wolf, he must trace his past and save his sister. His special ability is Wolf instinct that could be used to see at night and to reveal hidden object in the dark.

Your adventure begin in a big place up in heaven. There are four statues in the middle which represent the four character and a hole on the ground to enter the Main Hall. To begin one of the story, just enter the Main Hall and click on the images on the round table according to each character.

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