Special Power: Wolf Instinct
Quest: Trace his past and free his sister, Sieglinde

The first thing to do is go straight to the High Plain (it's a big building like a temple with seven pillars on the top).

The High Plain

Q : What should I do with these seven pillars ?
A :
Pick up all the iron bars from the hole at the base of the pillars. Notice those strange symbols on the top of the pillars and those metal plates below them (it will be important for later quest). Climb back down to the jungle and find your way to the big tree house (take the path that goes to the bushes, just beside a strange big red stone with nothing on it ...). On the third floor, if you look up to the ceiling, you'll see a small solar system model. Clicking on each planets will reveal a symbol with explanation on the bottom. Match all the symbols with the symbol on the top of the pillars and insert the bars according to the symbols. Hints: the easiest way is just by switching the bars from the pillars on the left and right of the staircase, and leave the others be. Look at these images below to help you.

The dome will be open and you'll be transported to the secret cave below.

The Secret Cave

Q : It's so dark here. What should I do ?
A :
Use your ability, the Wolf Instinct. You'll be able to see a strange vehicle inside.

Q : What should I do with this strange vehicle ?
A :
Look at its wheel and turn the face so it is vertically placed. Then you will be able to move forward with this vehicle (just click on the wheel when the direction arrow appear). You'll be ended up in the first floor of the tree house.

The Tree House

Q : What should I do with the mummy on the top of this vehicle ?
A :
You have to transport it outside of this tree house.

Q : How could I transport it outside ?
A :
You need a boat to do that. Then you could transport it via the canal. Get out from the tower and walk to the dock. Use the boat to travel into the tree house through the canal below it. Get out from the boat and pull down the lever on the ground. This will move the mummy to the boat and move the boat outside this tree house.

Note: Before you use the boat to transfer the mummy, you could use the boat to go accross the pond to take the berries from the bushes. I don't see any significant thing to do with this red berries. So, I just do it for fun.

Q : What should I do after I take that mummy out ?
A :
You need something to burn it. There is something hidden inside the mummy. Go to the second floor of the tree house. Open the big red shelf and take out the arrow. You could also take out the hare from there too. Go back down to the dock. Use the flame on one of the pole to burn the arrow. Shoot the boat with the flame arrows. The mummy will be burnt out and a big fish will eat it.

Q : How could I catch that fish ?
A :
Go to the third floor of the tree house and head to the hanging wooden bridge. In the middle of the bridge, there is a small hut. Enter it and open the chest. Get the fishing rod inside. Now you could use the rod to catch the fish from the dock in front of this small hut. Just use the rod on the water.

Q : The fish won't bite my rod. Is something missing here ?
A :
Yup, you need a bait. Go back to the hanging bridge, turn around and head to the other end (not the tree house). Click on it and you'll see the bushes (it's the same bushes with the one you see when you used the boat to cross the pond). Use your Wolf Instinct and you'll see the bushes is full of worms. After you got a bait. Fish again and this time you'll get the fish and a key inside.

Q : How could I get the worms ?
A :
You need a special help here from a little fellow. Go back to the second floor of the tree house and look at the strange machine below the staircase. That's the Golem constructor. This machine consist of three different device: the Golem plate, the Burner, and the Water reservoir. You have to make the machine running to raise that Golem plate with seven funnels on it. If you fill in those funnels with the correct metals, you'll be able to summon the golem. Use the Golem on the bushes to pick up worms. In return, not only he take the worms, he bring an ingot and sleeping berries also.

Q : How to make this machine working ?
A :
Accross the room, there is a big desk with two drawers on it. In the upper drawer you'll find a mould and in the lower drawer you'll find some rough metals. Click on the device beside the Golem constructor. Open the grate at the Water Reservoir to release the water to the burner in the middle. Put Loge's Tears in the burner to heat up the water. Put the mould and the metals on the burner. This will produce seven different metals: lead, steel, gold, silver, tin, copper, and quicksilver. Open the grate again to fill the Golem constructor with water. This will raise the Golem plate.

Q : Which metals go to which funnels ?
A :
Remember the metal plates on the pillars at the High Plain. That's the clue for this puzzle. Each metal associates with a specific adjective (movement, love, and so on). Insert those metals according with this image.

1. Stomach = Patience & Perseverance  = Lead
2. Right arm = Destruction = Steel
3. Back head = Imagination = Silver
4. Brain = Will = Gold
5. Left arm = Judgement & Direction = Tin
6. Heart = Love = Copper
7. Feet = Movement & Intuition = Quicksilver

This act will summon the Golem. Take it with you.

The High Plain

Q : What the use of the key from the fish ?
A :
Go back to High Plain and use the key on the shield-like shape keyhole on the first pillar on the right of the staircase (that's the only pillar that has a keyhole on it). It will reveal a device with three holes on it. Insert the ingot to the hole.

Q : Where are the other two ingots ?
A :
Go back to the second floor of the tree house. Notice a small hole below the desk where you got your mould and metals. Click on it and use the Golem to go through the hole. He will come out scared because there is a beast hiding inside. The second ingot is hidden inside this hole.

The Tree House

Q : What should I do to kill the beast that guard the hole ?
A :
Click on the machine to the right of the desk. That is a machine to make drinks. Put your sleeping berries on it then push the button to process it. You'll get drugged for a while. When you wake up, take the sleeping tube on its slot. Again click back to the hole and give the sleeping tube to your Golem so he could drug the beast. He'll return with an ingot.

Q : Where is the third ingot ?
A :
It's hidden with the wolf that stand in front of the small hut at the forest. Go there and give it the hare. You'll get the final ingots there. Go back to the High Plain and insert thse ingots to the empty slots. Then get the Wolf Badge that appears.

The Hunding Hut

Q : What should I do with the hut in the forest ?
A :
If you knock at the door earlier, nobody will answer. After you got the first Wolf Badge, someone will answer the door if you knock at it. Talk to the lady. Get inside and talk to her again. Soon you'll realize that she is your long lost sister, Sieglinde. Her husband, Hunding, will come suddenly and he is very mad with you. He'll let you stay for a night before he kills you in the next  morning.

Q : What should I do to defeat him ?
A :
  After he took his drink, you could click on the bottom part of the table to look below it. Use the sleeping tube with his tankard. He'll be drugged. Talk again with your sister and show her the Wolf Badge. She'll give you the second badge. This will be helpful to find the weapon that could hurt him.

Q : What should I do with this badges ?
A :
Go outside and head to the strange red rock with nothing on it (just beside the hut). Look at it and use your Wolf Instinct. Voila a sword attach to it. Use both of the bages on its handle to retrieve it. Now you're ready to fight Hunding. 

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