Hi all.

I've played Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within, so many times through the years I've lost count; played it when it first came out in the mid-90's, too.

But darn if the ending doesn't always get me stuck.

I've looked at the two walkthroughs you have here on this site (plus there's more elsewhere around the 'Net).

As Gabriel the Wolf, I made it through those maze of doors in the basement (and even that part was brutal to get through), and now I'm in the furnace room.

I click on Grace, get her to open the furnace door.....but it's when the Black Wolf goes to make his leap that I keep missing.

On one of the walkthroughs I've found elsewhere on the 'net, it says this:
"Line up your cursor with the left edge of the coal bin (to the right of the furnace), and about midway up vertically. Wait for Von Glower to leap. When he starts the leap, he'll move in relative slow motion. The instant he crosses the point of your cursor, click on him!"

Check out this screen-capture pic:

Do you see my Yellow Arrow? Is that what's meant by "midway up"? Or is the Red Arrow considered "midway up"?

To me, where my Blue Arrow is makes more sense to click on the Black Wolf; that would push him right into the furnace. But even though I've played this game so many times through the years, I can't seem to remember that sweet spot to get the Black Wolf.

And, unless something's a little bit funky because I'm using DOSbox in a Windows 8.1 environment, when I get my cursor ready around that coal bin/ furnace area, when the Black Wolf actually leaps, the cursor disappears, and I just click when I think it's appropriate.

Who knows, maybe my memory's fuzzy and the cursor always did disappear at this point even back in the old DOS/ Windows 95/ Windows 98 days blush

Can anybody help? Where's that sweet spot? Where should I hover my cursor before the Black Wolf leaps?

And when he does leap, should I click my mouse right away, or wait until he's in front of the open furnace more?

Where's that hot spot so I can get the big, bad, Black Wolf?!?!?!?!