A Long Road Home -- First Look by flotsam

As described on its website, A Long Road Home is an indie point and click adventure game, created in a top down, 2D perspective. The gameplay harkens back to the adventure games of old, with lots of text descriptions, puzzle solving and item usage.

Usually when you see a game like this, it screams RPG, especially when you descend into tunnels and catacombs under a comparatively tranquil village. You expect to be vanquishing foes with swords and/or magic, and to be dying fairly regularly.

Except in A Long Road Home, you don't.

Its all very point and click adventury, finding and using items, reviewing notes and books, solving codes and deciphering recipes to create bombs. There are beasts to be vanquished, but they require a puzzle solve, not an actiony twitch.

I confess to having started playing to do just enough to write a first look, but about 4 hours later I was still playing. I am clearly having a good time. I expect to be able to provide a fulsome review shortly, but in the meantime, my first look impression is to give it a go.