The Crow's Eye

A first look by flotsam

The Crow's Eye describes itself as psychological terror, where you find yourself investigating the disappearance of students and faculty 20 years before from the (now) abandoned Crowswood Medical University.

I am about two hours in, and so far the terror has been hinted at through the notes and journals about what went on here. There is a level of creepiness created by the perennially dark environment (thanks goodness for the never ending power of my zippo lighter), and I have been bitten by a worm-like creature that caused a moment of frenetic shaking to get rid of. The voice welcoming me to the experiment suggests there is more here than just me poking about an empty facility, plus there is crawling through vents, a sure fire way to feel unsettled.

It plays in the first person and uses the mouse and keyboard. I suggest mapping the keys to suit yourself - I didn't much like the default ones. A health "syringe" top right of screen clearly indicates death can become me; so to the fact that I can collect material and then craft healing bandages in my inventory. I haven't had much use yet, but perhaps I have been lucky.

I have crafted some other things though, and the lockpicks were helpful (even if the lockpick game was annoying - here's hoping there aren't too many of them.) I have also found an adrenaline syringe, which has proved very handy.

Most of the puzzling to date has been situational, invariably around trying to get out of locked rooms or unlock rooms and hallways in order to move through the facility. There has been one straight out puzzle involving pushing cubes around a room, which I thought was rather good. There have also been some platforming type elements (jumping across moving platforms), but falling doesn't seem to deplete your health, rather it just lets you try again. I have assumed to date that if I die I need to restore a saved game, but lets see.

Speaking of which, the game saves automatically, though not all that often. You can save though at a save machine, of which I have found a few so far. I have backtracked to get to one or two, just in case! A locational map will help you find them again.

It feels a little like Amnesia, and I am rather enjoying it.