June 3, 2014 released as a subscription game
September 29, 2015 goes free to play
January 8, 2018 I create a Chua Engineer Scientist, take it from starter world, play a little of next planet
January 9, 2018 I create male Aurin Stalker Soldier, take it from starter world, play a little of next planet

Chua are intelligent rodents. Chua males and females are indistinguishable to none Chua. Male or female choice does nothing.
Aurin have tales and ears can range from tiny to large rabbit like ears, to ears that look like antlers. Chua are part of The Dominion (ie the Empire) and Aurin, the Exiles (ie the Republic). Free to play gets you 2 character slots.

Seems like its been made easier, too easy actually. My engineer was easily able to solo what was supposed to require a group with out taking any real damage until near the end.

I believe I'm spoiled by Star Wars: The Old Republic. Wildstar can be fun to play but it has little story. Most of the dialogue is in text. I don't think I heard either of my characters actually speak once.

I saw a couple of other player characters running around the starter worlds. No one would talk to me in chat when I tried to ask questions. So unfriendly as ever. SWTOR chat is often full of politics (mostly leftist nonsense) but you can actually get an answer to a question on occasion.

Strange the NCSoft web page (you use NCSoft account) doesn't mention either Guild Wars anymore even though they published both along with Wildstar. Different developers though. SWTOR is totally different people.

Anyway I guess back to SWTOR. Even though I know every story, they at least exist.

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